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Chateaux de Bellamy

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The French Chateau, an enchanting stone chateau. As a guest of the Chateau you will enjoy seclusion and privacy, like a secret lookout separate from the populace. Spacious, uncompromising accommodations, together with fine service, make this Chateau perfect for your romantic getaway for all patrons, location City in the Yvelines département in Île-de-France region. This dream is +16 mature, with 80% Custom patches . Please visit rpr site for more information. RPR site

All is welcomed, Furre, Hyooman, etc

Please, do not spam in anyway, shape or form. This dream has a spam catcher and you will be temp banned.

Be respectful of other patrons and of the staff here. If someone is uncomfortable with conversation or language used in OOC room please take into whisper or venture to the Family Friendly OOC room.

There is a zero tolerance for harassment or bullying of any kind.

Age limit Dream is loaded in Imaginarium. Rating Mature 16+. Anyone Under the age of 18+ are not allowed in certain areas of the dream = Adult Den, Smoking lounge, Bar, and Adult game rooms. Anyone Over the age of 18+ Allowed anywhere in the dream. Please be respectful of use of area.

No racial terms at all!


Dream does have a banking system.

Dream olde world France, Characters speak in french, commons, and every other language.

Dream setting - Alternate History/Steampunk/Fantasy France

Owner of manor = Ariston


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