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The City of Siochain

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Welcome to the website for Siochain (pronounced "shee-hann")! This group is based on Furcadia and takes place in the Sisceal continuity. We are a strict Medieval RP community who is excited to welcome new members into our midst! Our primary community and information is on RPR--please join us there to learn more about the community and participate on our forums!

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Rahs: Thorne al Blaidd and Ceara ta Arnwynn
Tahneest: Kensa ta Gwydion

Siochain is a city located on the western coast of the island of Sisceal. The weather and climate could be compared to Ireland or Scotland, given that it has good rainfall, but rocky soil that makes agriculture difficult. The city is also built half-into the mountains there, so the steep incline make more than kitchen gardens almost impossible.

Siochain lives under the flag of Urraim, the sword and rose. However, the Scathachs do not often come to Siochain, instead preferring to spend their time overseeing Urraim, the capitol city of Sisceal. Instead, the city's management is left to Kensa ta Gwydion, the countess who handles Siochain's affiars.

One of the interesting features about the city is that it is half in the real world of Furcadia and half in the Fae realm known as Elsewhere. While you can safely venture some distance from Siochain without becoming lost, it is easy to step into Elsewhere by mistake. Living on the outskirts of Elsewhere provides some very unusual weather and events to those that live within the city. It has been known to rain peanuts or snow feathers on occasion, not to mention the occasional day where all the bricks turn to cheese. Rarely are these strange events harmful, but... they are certainly unusual, that is for certain.

Elsewhere's proximity is more than a mere curiosity, however, it has proved to both be a boon and a curse for the city. Fell beasts have been known to attack the city and do injury and very real damage. Though the occasional rainfall of chocolate milk or candies is not entirely unwelcome.

Siochain is located on the western cost of the continent of Sisceal, its weather and geography resemble the British Isles in that it gets a good amount of rainfall, but the soil is too rocky and acidic to make for good farming. As such, Siochain relies on imports for many of its food supplies.

Siochain sits some distance from the coast, set into the side of one of the mountains that guard this side of Sisceal. Much of the trade and commerce to Siochain comes up the River Taranau to the city, which sits near the birthplace of said river. Those unfamiliar with Elsewhere, or lacking a guide, are discouraged from wandering too far into the forest. The main roads are the only land means into the city from the surrounding region without getting lost in the woods which, in many places, branch into pockets of Elsewhere, rendering travel through them almost suicidal.

Back behind Siochain rises a mountain chain stretching from north to south along the rugged coastline about two weeks' travel overland from Urraim on the far side of the island. Siochain is also a three day sail from the Isle of Etla and the lands of Silvaria.

Elsewhere is known by many names. Many many names. But the essence of it remains true. The realm of dreams is a complicated and dangerous place, even to those who know it. And for those that do not, it is frequently fatal.

The very edges of Elsewhere (known as the Shallows) are safe enough, seeming to be little more than a vaguely surreal version of the waking world. Perhaps the sky is a tad too blue or the flowers smell a trifle too sweet. Either way, it is not an entirely foreign place. However, just because it appears tame does not mean it is safe. Dangers lurk in the shadows and cracks, though they pale in comparison to the Deep. Most of fae society is built in the Shallows, though a few have carved homes into the Wild. It is considered a mark of prowess to live in the Wild, and most of the Great Houses have their strongholds in the Wilds as a result.

In a little further from the Shallows are the Wilds which, aptly named, are untamed wilderness. Through this area of the dreamworld is series of Paths created by the ancients (some fae even think the Tuatha themselves walked them) and all but the most experienced are well taught not to stray from those roads. There are, of course, other dangers to consider in the Wilds, such as the beasts that live in this section of the land of dreams. However, none but the most monsterous can set foot on the Path. Despite that, some of the older creatures have devised methods of getting around that caveat by luring or forcing travelers off the Path and into their wide, open jaws.

In addition to the creatures of the Wilds, there are other dangers. The path not always straight and wide; there are places where it fades into near-emptiness or runs straight into a cliff face or into an ocean. There is no map available since it is never the same twice. So, despite the path, it is easy to become lost.

Beyond the Wilds is the Deep--a place without explanation. Time itself is distorted, moving from high speeds to a mere crawl or, on occasion, stopping altogether. The Path here is patchy and broken with little coherence or direction. While there are no creatures known to live in the Deep, the time shifts are enough to drive any but ageless species mad. Or kill them outright. Very few fae can withstand more than a few hours in the Deep, though there have been record of cases of fae staying up to a day there.

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