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The Pounce Group Package is meant to work for groups of friends! Get your own webpage to tell about your hangout spots and list all of your friends. Have a chat channel to keep in touch from anywhere in Furcadia or use it as a broadcast channel to run your own 'channel station'. You can even give out your own custom desctags to all the members of your Group! Since this package is all about social groupings, it does not include Dream features. This is a Group everyone will want to have!

Steal Pokémon for profit. Exploit Pokémon for profit. All Pokémon exist for the glory of Team Rocket.
Welcome to The Pack This group is used as proof that you are within the ranks of The Pack which is ran by the pack alpha Holly (Hollens in game). This Pack resides in the dream San Angeles and is currently recruiting all whom wish to join, Registered and unregistered Werewolves are accepted however registered Werewolves will be kept at more of a distance to keep other members whom are unregistered safe from those who wish to harm the Supernaturals. As an Alpha, Holly has the ability to split her Will amongst those within her pack which is how she…
This is a new group page. Nothing has been written about this group yet.
A group designed for strict Role Play. Members will be approved only if they are part of the Fairborn family. Species (c) Isnelx. Character group based in New Versailles
This group if for strict Role Play only. Members include those involved directly with Joquin Patrice, including devoted followers, servants, employees and those under the Fairborn's protection. This is a character group based in the dream New Versailles. Sub category for the group Fairborn. Â
Supernatural Hunters: A sub group for the dream New Versailles
a group for those deliciously tentacled monsters, or for those who are just really big fans of them tentacrew is tentakewl
This group is within Starlight Escape; the hidden slave and exotic goods trade below the Starlight Tavern. The Caverns are well decorated, so much so one often forgets they are deep underground. The Bar and Slave Pens are the main attraction, but this area also boasts an automated auction, public and private rooms, a hookah lounge, exotic pens, and an arena with many other features hidden within! Stop by Starlight Escape and board the Red Airship to join the fun!
This pounce group is geared towards Transgender individuals, but we welcome any allies or other members of the LGBT community.Â
The Naia Terrace Club is quite simple; a social group that sits in Naia on the terraces (where the Fluff Pit is). As a group, we are fun, friendly and welcoming to everyone. There's nothing you need to do to join other than hit the 'join' button. This was designed to just be a fun social group. This group is not associated with Dragon's Eye Productions, Catnip Studios or the Beekin Volunteer Program. It is player-ran.
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