Pounce Group Package

The Pounce Group Package is meant to work for groups of friends! Get your own webpage to tell about your hangout spots and list all of your friends. Have a chat channel to keep in touch from anywhere in Furcadia or use it as a broadcast channel to run your own 'channel station'. You can even give out your own custom desctags to all the members of your Group! Since this package is all about social groupings, it does not include Dream features. This is a Group everyone will want to have!

A subgroup for members of the New Versailles Legion of the Lazarus Division. All rules and continuity of New Versailles apply.
Do not use BLUDGEON if seal is broken or missing. Do not take more BLUDGEON than directed. Keep out of reach of kidrens. BLUDGEON members are not responsible for any damages incurred on feels. If symptoms persist for more than 2 days, ask a doctor before taking more BLUDGEON. Ask your doctor if BLUDGEON is right for you!!!
Furcadia Pride Alliance, celebrating all things Pride related! Having issues? Contact Juliet!
This is a new group page. Nothing has been written about this group yet.
Hey! You! Are you a bunny? Do you like bunnies? Do you like things related to bunnies? Do you just want a cute little rabbit in your description?Then this, my friend, is a group made with you in mind (yes, all of you!) No confirmation required! We have a chat channel, and eventually (someday) we will have a dream. Until then, keep calm and hop on.Â
A group page for the user Nyo! She eats! She breathes! Oooh! Ahhh! Do you know her? You don't? That might be in your best interest. She'd probably talk about Pokémon or something equally as nerdy until your ears fell off. Soon to feature some free sketch raffles by yours truly! Feel free to join if you're interested! (** If you are chosen for the raffle you MUST provide character reference. I do not work off description.)
This group, run by Crunchward, is open and accepts all members. We all love making dreams! Weavers, dragonspeakers, artists and dreamhoppers are all more than welcome, here. Interested in being part of various dreamweaving projects? We'll be hosting live-edit sessions, regularly, and would love for you to come along. This is the perfect group for meeting fellow dreamweavers and learn new tips and tricks! Â
For alts of Sundae. For friends of Sundae. I will deny you if not alt of mine or friend of mine. :'( Sorry
Do you reveal in causing chaos? Do you desire the blood your enemies? Have you been scorned for being different? Or do you just want to watch the world burn..? Villains Anonymous welcomes all Villain Archtype characters, no matter what your goals for domination are. Within us you will find support for your conquests, allies worthy of intellectual conversation, and perhaps a few kindred spirits to share how society has failed you in your time of need. The process of our membership is rather easy, you simply need to whisper 'Madam' to have your character accepted.
For friends of Kufky, and those who like fox tags! :)
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