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Nestled upon the very grounds of a beautifully atmospheric, spacious, and rapidly expanding dog park, The Dog Shelter is full to the brim with unique accommodations for canine, miscellaneous critters, and Owners alike. With our Clinic, commercial loft, on-site adoptions, agility/splash pens, private boarding kennels and more, TDAC is a home away from home.

The Dog Adoption Center was one of the earliest, and strongest RP hubs for domesticated dog RP on Furcadia. It was founded on June 12th, 2004 by Syk, originally as a gift to a friend who had vanished shortly before the map debuted. What originally was a silly little concept, wound up growing up into a full-blown dream fulled to the brim with friends built up over a decade!

With recent events, we have re-merged with The Junkyard, our original RP hub. It was first built up as a little sectioned-off area within TDAC which brought by heavy demand for an expansion, thus we delivered in full.

TDAC has also merged together with The Dog Shelter, so both TDAC and TDS are now one. Same community, same friendly Team members, yet newly renovated map and more..!

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