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Set in the year 2561, Civitas Solis takes place in a dystopian police-state society after a catastrophic impact event.
Yveridia is a seedy little settlement located between Pinemoor and Oakway, a practical stones throw from either. It is off the well traveled paths and is surrounded by thick bramble that isolates it from the rest of the Silvat region of Kasuria. It's about 6 hours from Silver Soul's Castle, but up to 8 depending on weather conditions to and from the location.There is a large wall that separates two zones of the settlement. The first zone being the residential and shop district. It is by far the nicer of the two where things are not so bad in the…
The group for the punk band Ferry 'Cross the Mersey, set in New Versailles. RPR group page found here: !
??????????????????? ????????: ??????????????????? ?????????????Welcome to the 13 Hierarchical Cities of Kagutsuchi.????????????? (At the moment we are only accepting memberships from BlazBlue canons or original characters from the BlazBlue universe.)
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Are you Toasty? Are you friends with Toasty? Do you also like fairy toasters? Clearly this is the group for you! (Please note, I try to keep this group to my friends, so be sure to toss me a whisper!)
For all those twisted souls involved with the Drug Lord.
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This is a group for those who are a part of The Dane's household, folks associated with him, or just folks that are welcome to come on in and chill.
Equestria Girls Equestria Girls is dream based on alternate human universe from MLP:FIM that is seen in the Movies Equestria Girls & Rainbow Rocks. The way into this world from the Pony world is a mirror in Twilight Sparkles castle in Ponyville. In this world there is a Human or Animal form of every creature in the My Little Pony World. Most of the RP happens in Canterlot High. Home of the Wonder Colts. This dream in a fan based dream and allows for Humans to take forms and be a part of the RP we accept Cannon and OC's…
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