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Registered Groups are FREE group packages that can be yours by signing up with just 5 founding members. You will get a customizable webpage on, to tell others about your group; member list, automatically updated with everyone who joins; and your group will be listed with the other Group Packages for searching on the web! You will also get Rah and Taneest crowns in descriptions with a link to your page! These free features will let people find your group and learn what you are about, and most importantly help your group grow!


There was a lack of bovine desctags, so I made one. AW YEAH!
This group is no longer in use.
Are you a friend of mine? Just looking for a friendly group to join? Feel free to hit that 'Join Group' button! Membership is automatic once you do, so go ahead! Hit that button like a big red shiny 'DO NOT PRESS' button in a Space Shuttle! :D
Welcome! This group I made under my name is to harbor interest in a community not set or strict on a specified time period or anything! Rather, to help foster the Idea of Travelers and for those who like to continuity hop! Basically saying- Time Travelers, Planes Walkers, Void beings and all sorts of crazy folk who don't mind if time and space are relative and like being together under one roof ^^
Ti'Ward - Home to the Ti'Ward clan! This group is by invite only and each new member must be approved by everyone previously accepted.
This is a new group page. Nothing has been written about this group yet.
Enjoy Durarara!! at all? Join the group! Durarara!! Roleplay
The Drake group is a group of people who are considered high ranking members in Shadowdrake Manor. Drake's personal information can be found at
A Sub-Group for the dream, New Versailles. Â You must be a member of that group in order to use this one. Â Created for the zombies, mummies, ghosts, and any of the walking dead.
A daedric subgroup for a work-in-progress Elder Scrolls Skyrim/Oblivion RP, shhh!
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