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Kauai Island is a 'community' dream. It isn't just a 'farming' dream or just a 'building' dream. It's a dream that encompasses the idea of a working, functioning and fun community. Kauai Island runs off of a realistic economy where players can build mini-careers within the dream either with the shops the dream provide or by striking out on their own and starting their own business.In Kauai Island there's lots of different properties to utilize such as farms, islands, cabanas and much more. You'll be able to build your skills in fishing, farming, blacksmithing, cooking, and mining.
The official group of the Corvidae - created by Toasty! -
is this a legit group? who knows! join if ya want my tag idc. PEACE.
A world of Tranquility, Peace, and Love, also known as a Safe Place, founded by Esmi. All visitors are welcome to come and talk, or just hang out. We are here for you, to listen to anything you want to discuss, in any depth you desire, We encourage discussions and friendships and most importantly, no judgement, as we all want to be part of something great. Join our community today You can find us at furc://friendsoffurcadia
A place for thieves, pickpockets, and rogues alike to congregate.
Hello and welcome to the infamous Uchiha Clan. We are rebuilding the clan after the mass death of almost the entire clan. With the help of Sasuke and others the clan will be once again a proud clan.
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This is a private clan group for Mythical Creatures and their subordinates. More info about this clan will be coming soon! --This group is not open to the general public. Any requests to join will be subject to admin approval. If you are wanting to be apart of this group, please contact the Rah.-- (Desctag made by the Rah)
An open RP group inspired by the Elder Scrolls' Thieves Guild, but anyone can join! If you have a character who's into thievery, pickpocketing, lockpicking, or stealth, feel free to join.
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