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Registered Groups are FREE group packages that can be yours by signing up with just 5 founding members. You will get a customizable webpage on, to tell others about your group; member list, automatically updated with everyone who joins; and your group will be listed with the other Group Packages for searching on the web! You will also get Rah and Taneest crowns in descriptions with a link to your page! These free features will let people find your group and learn what you are about, and most importantly help your group grow!


Clan Ouroboros is a form of supernatural society. Rather than create a coven to skulk in the shadows, Lord Dralt has designed a clan with political inclinations and societal ideologies. It strives to contribute to its community, establishing peace and understanding. Clan Ouroboros respects the notion that supernaturals are physically and temporally diverse, with powers as infinite in combination as hereditary genes. It is dedicated to the education, empowerment, and preservation of supernatural kind. However: it holds no love for those who seek supremacy over the mundane; they will rise against enemies of myth and mankind alike. It is a…
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Welcome! Currently I am trying to figure out just what is going to go on in the Palace and what type of RP. I have a small plan in mind. Keep an eye on the About page to learn more!
Calling all heroes! Show off your Overwatch pride with a nifty little logo in your description. `jg Overwatch in game for the group chat. All characters/alts/names/people welcome, just don't be rude. If you get an error after joining, it means you did it correctly. Relog for your spiffy tag.
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Touhou Project is a pounce group, free for all to join!Members of the Touhou Project group pounce mainly hang out at Furc://AnimeClub !!
Is your character a romantic? Does your character enjoy romance? Do you just like cute rose tags and would like one for yourself? Well, feel free to join!! Open to everyone.
The group 'The Werewolves' expired too many times as an alt that it no longer allows the original owner of the alt to purchase a pounce group package for it that's working. A ticket was filed and what I was basically told was that it was corrupt, Werewolves is the new group I've made to take it's place! The tag has been return to all The Werewolves members out there!
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The Flock is a renewed and fun herd with tons of friendly sheep! This cute little group has their own home which can be found here.If, for some reason, the dream is not up, most of the Flock members hangout here.Wishing to join should be contacted to Jiselle/Koakuma.P.S: ONLY SHEEP OCs CAN JOIN.
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