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PokeLegend is a dream made by Xillor that has been around since 2011. It was inspired by Game Freak's popular Pokemon series. The dream features battling, training, catching, evolving, hatching, and customizing Pokemon. There are over 450 Pokemon for you to build a team of 3 with. This allows for strategy building (with combinations of over 100 moves) and competitive battling. We hold tournaments seasonally which yield huge prizes including in-dream rarities and sometimes also GDs and Digos! Come check us out! We're located in Allegria Island Northeast of the fountain to the Southwest of the main hall. You can also copy and paste this furcadia url to your chat box and click it for easy access: `fdl furc://pokelegend Or you can `join Xillor too! Our original forum webpage is:


Over 14,000 DS lines in this new late winter update (v4.0). Fully DSed everything, except bots used to control wild Pokemon in battle (so that staff don't have to do it).

Update v4.0 Features:

Modified Battling System

 - Less Random Values (damages, healing)

 - Type Differences

 - Sp. Atk and Sp. Def

 - Speed, Evasiveness, Accuracy

 - Candy Seller Moved to Mysterious Pond

 - New Candies for New Stats

 - All moves have critical hits

 - New moves

 * Razor Leaf

 * Leaf Blade

 * Dragon Rage

 * Solar Beam

 * Double Slap (Replaced Slap)

 * Rock Smash (Replaced Rocky Slam/Pound)

 * Stone Edge

 * Bite

 * Crunch

 - No more spam searching -- Must fight or run from the pokemon found the first time searching.

 - Moves scale damage in percentages (ex. Tackle is 130% of attack power)

 - Stat rebalance

 * Max lv 100

 * Stats halved for battles

All Pokemon Can Level Up at the Same Time

Customize Move Sets

 - Large move lists

 - Interchangable slots

Various Bugs Fixed


Coming soon..

PokeLegend is an T+ environment, keep that in mind. Curse filter is on. Do not harass other players/staff as this can get you kicked out or banned.

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