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Long ago, a land lay covered in the shadows beneath the Carpathian Mountains of ancient Transylvania. This place of sprawling lush fields and forests is what the beasts call Umbra Munte. Mysteries and legends lurk in the whispers of of wolves and tongues of hares, spreading fear and wonder like seeds in the wind. Umbra Munte is a very old place where several different animals keep myths and legends alive in stories, and offer prayers to their gods in secret temples built by unknown hands long ago. The wolves and some other canines are the apex predator here, and show off their dominance through upright stones they keep in their territories with their pack symbols painted on them. Some say the land is cursed... others seek to find truth. What will you find?

Umbra Munte is a semi realistic historical fantasy feral roleplay dream on Furcadia. The place in which our roleplay takes place is located in the forests of ancient Transylvania (now modern-day Romania), nestled along the Carpathian Mountains. This dream is loosely based off of the book, The Sight by David Clement-Davies, but you do not have to read the book in order to roleplay in Umbra Munte.

What are the rules like? This dream has strict rules when it comes to what you can do there. If having rules is a turn-off for you, this may not be the dream for you. But do not let our strict rules deter you from joining! We are a very laid-back, drama-free dream with friendly players, just dying to roleplay! If you are interested in the dream, it is ideal to read everything you can to get a basic understanding of how we work. Never be afraid to ask questions!

Why join Umbra Munte? We not only have such a rich lore and history surrounding the dream, but it might be fun and interesting to delve into concepts that most fantasy feral dreams have never quite explored. Some fantasy creatures have it easier and may be able to solve their problems faster with magic, but a magic-less world would compel a character to adapt and survive in a rich environment filled with superstition and political intrigue. It is likely that your character will help mold Umbra Munte's future... There are many possibilities, and we would be thrilled to have you explore them with us!

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