Good morning again! Jemmion's Rameen Festival opened last night and I thought you all might like to hear the history of this celebration. While Talzhemir was writing the backstory of the Primes in 1995/96 and her and Felorin were creating Furcadia, things were a bit lean. Lets just say they ate a lot of ramen! So she wrote of a festival for Prime Jemmion that celebrated good eating, the oceanside, summer nights and fun and named it after the always plentiful ramen noodle.Â

In Furcadia, this was the first official festival that we celebrated. I used to hold the party in Sanctuary and at some point Zephyr and I borrowed a Dream the early Beekins made for one of their parties and fixed it up for the festival. No one could get the surfing, one the main attractions early on, to work right until Ryhn came in to help. He was always the one who got the complicated rides and games to work on main maps. He did the turtles in SS Showcase, the barge in the Sun Fest, and the flowers in Naia too! A few years later when Gar and I created the Festival Grounds map, we didn't move the Rameen into it like the other festivals, because not even Ryhn could get the waves to work in the new map. I think it is Prime's magic! After all you can often catch site of Prime Jemmion, himself, attending the festival.

Each year we add something new to the festival! Indigo Nightfall made the lovely skin we use one year and Gar made the Parrot Trivia another year. Very early on the Pixels lead by Mara~Fae FireHeart made the Underwater Dream with all the fishy avatars. Nommad put in his awesome Guitar Hero-like game some years back and another year Gar added a message in a bottle quest with the help of Kaelin'yFaie. This year Crunchward, Althia, and the Masons updated the DS and added a few of the 32-bit patches, including the Bouncy Castle pictured, which Talzie made and Rat turned 32-bit! I even added in the lovely nighttime lighting for this summer night beach party!

It takes a whole community to make a festival. Muun moved the Rameen page into the new CMS Site this year. Re-jin, Xxy, Epitome, and other Eventers ran the events last night and should have more of them planned for the coming weeks. Majas and Treeki helps get the 32-bit patches in and Majas also made this fun little gif of us on the Bouncy Castle with the lighting shown. And of course, it isn't a festival without the community there so come party with us!

rameen bouncy gif

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