Have a look at our December 2017 newsletter, a summary of news from this year and our current events!

We wish you Happy Holidays and a fantastic New Year! We hope this note finds you well and in good spirits. Here's an update on all things Furcadia!

Furcadia's 21st Birthday Bash is December 16th, which means free digo day! If you haven't connected in a while, you may have missed our massive 32-bit update which includes:

  • A resizable Furcadia client
  • New 32-bit full-color game art
  • New and improved main maps
  • A new account system with web-based character management
  • New, powerful Dream and Patch Editor
  • And so much more!

Claim Your Characters

We switched over to an account-based character system where you log in with your email address and then select your characters from a list! Your characters now move with you from computer to computer without needing to transfer .ini files too. If you don't have an account yet (it's not automatically created!), we recommend you make one here and claim your existing characters! If you can't locate a character or need help, please send us a Support Ticket.

Community Blog

The online Community Blog is where we share events and contest announcements, promote content created by our community, (such as YouTube tutorials for Dream-weaving) and post other news to keep you in the loop! Currently you can check out our annual Danival's Winter Festival that recently opened its snowy gates! Check out the Holiday Contests too!

Web Client and Your Support

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Second Dreaming fundraiser! You have tremendously helped Furcadia, allowing us to take development to the next level. We are nearing completion of the Web Client which runs well even on phones and tablets, thanks to its new HTML5 and JavaScript codebase. All Second Dreaming backers of Playtester level and up can try it out early! Let us know what you think!

Last Chance to Donate

We are wrapping up our successful Second dreaming (and Dark Dreaming) fundraisers on December 31st, 2017. If you would still like to donate and get a last chance at exclusive rewards such as the Direhound avatar, or upgrade your Angelcat rewards to a higher tier, there's only a few days left! Remember: No new donations or upgrades can be made after the end of the year! Make at least a Playtester donation for Instant Access to the Web Client! Visit Catnip Studios Market for more. For ordering assistance, please contact us through our Support Ticket System.

Winter Sales 2017 & Icewing

Icewing image

‘Tis the season, so of course at Furcadia it's the best sale of the entire year! Over the 8-week holiday period, every single avatar Furcadia has available will be discounted up to a whopping 70% off, with different avatars featured each week!

New this year: get an Adorable Animal desctag with every deal, with a bonus for collecting them all. If there's an avatar you've always wanted, or that would put a smile on a friend's face, now is the best time to make those dreams come true.

Brand-new this month is the Icewing, the latest member of the proud family of proud Furcadia Dragons! Preorder yours to ensure your coolness!

Don't forget to use the new Wrapping Paper to make your holiday gifts even more special, like two gifts in one! Your friend can wear the exclusive present avatar until the day they open their gift!

Stay Updated

Keep tabs on Furcadia year 'round by following our Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. That's where we announce new Community Blog posts, in addition to the in game announcements on Furcadia.

We wish you the very best for the Holidays and the New Year!

~Felorin, Emmie, and Team Dragon

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