It was Furcadia's 21st birthday this past Saturday, and we certainly celebrated in style!

Excited partygoers looking to grab a good seat began gathering in Mycroft's Tavern, Meovanni, already in the wee morning hours. The crowd swelled throughout the day, packing into every corner of Furcadia's oldest tavern, and the party kept rocking well into the dark of night.

Felorin, Emerald Flame, Gar, Cironir, James, Glaciess, Tenjin, Althea and other staff chatted, joked, and boogied the night away with the lively guests, many old players returning for the occasion! Even the legendary Fox/Sanctimonious stopped by! What a time!

Thank you to everyone who joined us in celebration, you made it a birthday to remember!

During the height of the festivities, Felorin also announced the winners of our Wolf Howl Dream Contest!

Regulars Category:

  • Honorable Mention
    • Hollow Manor by Cosmic Star Bar
    • Wildland by Beth
  • Third place
    • Pony Autumn Festival by Squeaky Clean
    • Dreamscape by Stitchie
  • Second Place
    • The Warlock's Mansion by Ja Lacaob
  • First place
    • The Red Meadow by Aveilth√©

Masters Category:

  • Second Place
    • Halloween Hay Maze by Raena
  • First Place
    • Who Done It? : Clue by Hydrant

Congratulations to all participants! For a full log of the awards ceremony, please see our Forum post.

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