Dear Community,

As of today, our current Community Forums have been switched to read-only mode. All existing information and posts remain intact and accessible, but no new threads or messages can be created.

We took this step because the customized software we use for our Community Forums is no longer maintainable. A lack of updates for an active forum also poses a security risk. The archived Forums will remain available in case you want to look up older material that may still be useful when building Dreams, or to take a trip down memory lane.

We invite you to join us on Facebook and Twitter, where you can stay in touch with us outside of the game. Our active Community Blog is also a great place to stay in the loop and learn about events, news and resources.

If you are looking for customer or technical support, we have many volunteers ready to assist you in the game, and you can also ask for help or give feedback through our Ticket System that is maintained by staff. We may also manually repost/announce DS snippets or other things made by players with the intent to help the community if we are tagged on Facebook or Twitter.

And don't forget you are always welcome to submit event news or other announcements for free, which can be broadcast to the whole game. We love to hear from you!

Thank you for all your contributions to our Forums over the course of many years!

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