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Living Library event 2018

You're invited!

This year's Living Library event will take place all day on Saturday, August 25th 2018. Please join us in furc://livinglibrary for this unique opportunity to learn; to challenge oppression, stereotypes, and prejudice in a safe, respectful atmosphere; and to form friendships based on mutual respect and acceptance! Read on below for more information.

What is the Living Library?

The Living Library is an educational opportunity with an anti-oppression framework. Through open, honest, and respectful dialogue, Living Library aims to challenge all forms of oppression and hate (including, but not limited to: racism, sexism, ableism, heterosexism, cissexism, classism, and religious intolerance). Each year at the Living Library, Furcadians come together to learn about each others' lives and unique experiences. Players volunteer to share their stories and experiences with discrimination, stereotypes, societal attitudes, misconceptions, and more.

Visitors are encouraged to talk to these volunteers, listen to their stories, and ask questions they might otherwise be afraid to ask. We hope that this dialogue will lead to a better understanding of others and, in turn, greater respect for them. We believe that one of the best ways to learn is through open communication!

Snapdragon Kindling!

Fluttery, flowery, feathery fun! The Snapdragon is a perfect trio of dragony goodness and they're ready to spring into Furcadia this Friday, August 3rd! Come on down to Leonardo Park in Meovanni, at 5pm FST to give our newest Mythical Ferian a warm welcome, and be among the first to see these spritely rascals in action. Rawr!

When: Friday, August 3rd

Where: Leonardo Park in Meovanni

Time: 5pm FST

The Fires of Tradition Keep Burning!

This past Saturday, July 21st saw the traditional Lighting of the Fires take place within the Festival of the Sun. Felorin and Talzhemir were both on hand to regale the crowd with stories, interesting informative tidbits, and -- inevitably -- Felorin's own purrsonal brand of humor! Never a dull moment with the Wizard of Puns around, that's for certain!

As a hush fell over the gathered furres, Talzhemir raised her paws to draw the eldritch magic of the Summer heat to her fingers, globes of molten lava coming alive within her grasp. Offering a pawful to Felorin, they both lifted their arms and proclaimed in unison "Light the fires!" And thus, the braziers burst aflame, welcoming Summer to the lands of Kasuria once more.

Want to relive the moment? Find the full Event log here!

Annual Lighting of the Fires

The long, hot days of Summer are in full swing -- it's time for our annual Lighting of the Fires! Come join us in the gorgeous Festival of the Sun Dream where Felorin, Emerald Flame, Gar, and others will set the stunning 32-bit braziers ablaze in honor of Summer and the season of M'Rill, Prime of Felines. Always a popular event, be sure to arrive early to grab a good seat!

When: Saturday, July 21st

Where: Festival of the Sun

Time: 2pm FST

Sneak Peak: Web Client Interface

Hope your summer is going well! Work on our web/mobile client for Furcadia has continued and we moved it to a new location! If you are a Second Dreaming supporter or have a Silver/Gold Sponsorship, you can access it at You may notice that it currently uses the standard interface, but that's just a temporary placeholder. Here's a quick preview of what the finished graphical user interface will look like:

Furcadia web client interface preview

Fun in the Sun Dream Contest

Long sunny days and warm moonlit nights... Summer has arrived! Time for all things outdoorsy and fun!

Working alone or in a team, build a Dream showcasing an awesome, super fun Summer game! Let your imagination run wild -- maybe an inner tube checker board, or ultimate frisbee! Purrhaps bubble soccer? How about lawn darts (just don't throw them straight up!)? No matter how silly or serious, we can't wait to see and play with your creations!

This contest will run all Summer, so you have lots of time to get those creative juices flowing!

Contest Rules

  • Dreams must feature a playable game.
  • You may not submit creations that are not your own.
  • Dreams must adhere to Furcadia’s T+ standard.
  • Read the Rules and Requirements page for more details!
  • Master and Regular entries are judged separately (please indicate your status in your submission.) Exhibition entries are welcome, too!

Your submission must include everything specified in the Dream Contest Guide!

Email your entry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the Furcadia names of your team by August 26th at 11:59 pm FST


The entries selected by the judges as 1st place shall receive:

  • Masters: 300 GD to the Team Lead to distribute to their team
  • Regulars: 200 GD to the Team Lead to distribute to their team
  • More prizes may be given out depending on participation!


  • Any entries not meeting the requirements will be disqualified and none are guaranteed a prize.
  • Upon submission, you grant Dragon’s Eye Productions (DEP) permission to post your work and share it with the community. DEP may post, edit, and distribute creative contributions made through contests freely to players and for promotion of Furcadia.

Expired and inactive Groups

Since the introduction of Groups, many players have made use of this social feature to promote their Dreams, find like-minded friends, and display their community connections. It's been educating for us to see how players have utilized Groups and what the challenges were.

As a step toward further improving Groups, we have removed all description tags originating from Groups that no longer exist. Free Registered Groups do not prevent a character from expiring due to inactivity, so if the character that is associated with a Group expires, so does the Group. Until now, this didn't delete tags from characters that were previously part of the expired Groups, which wasn't an ideal solution. If you are missing tags from your description after this week's maintenance, it is because the Groups the tags came from are no longer in existence. Desctags from expired Groups will now be removed on a monthly schedule.

A note on inactive Groups: If you own a Group that is set to "inactive", but the uploader/Rah still exists, please reactivate your Group or contact us at soon. All members of inactive Groups will be removed from these Groups starting on July 15, 2018. In other words, inactive and expired Groups will be treated identically after this deadline.

Confused by all of this and have questions or concerns, please drop us a support ticket and we'll be happy to help. :)

The Husken are Here + Felorin's Birthday!

Furcadia's bounciest fluffers (or fluffiest bouncers?) have arrived and are already eagerly licking and frolicking their way into our hearts! Now available for regular purchase, including Dragon Scales, on Digo Market.

Thank you to everyone who joined us Monday night to welcome these brand new Ferian pups in appropriately exuberant fashion. We launched an all new Fetch game in celebration -- now permanent and playable any time! Woo! -- which paired up teams of two for lightning-round competition to throw and fetch as many bouncy balls as possible in 1 minute! Hilarious chaos ensued! :D

Read more: The Husken are Here + Felorin's Birthday!

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