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Inside The Portrait

Hello! Degu here with a special presentation for you today: a look inside the process of creating an official Furcadia portrait!

While butler art is often created early on in the avatar creation process, portrait art tends to come at the end. The video tutorial below was made for our avatar artists and offers insight into the methods used to demonstrate the process from start to finish, and I'd like to share it with you, too!

The butler art always sets the precedent for the male and female portraits. It becomes the unspecified portrait and the style basis for the others. Once the sketches are finished, it is the artist's job to match the line weight and shading style of the butler art to make each piece look like it belongs to the same set. There can often be minor differences in markings on the male and female portraits, but they will always stay close to the original.

When designing the male and female, we often exaggerate or shrink certain features to make them easily identifiable. For example, with female portraits we might make the eyes larger, but the nose, jaw and chin narrower. For male portraits, we tend to broaden the jaw and thicken the chin and neck, in fact, my favorite thing to do is add a bit of a goatee to the male where possible. Once the portraits are completed, we decide upon a background theme and an artist works on creating it. We used to tint these differently per gender (pink, blue, gold), but now we give beautiful full color portraits to all three!

I hope you enjoy the video!

Wolf Howl Contests

Something Spookitty this way comes...

Feel a chill up your spine? Hearing strange noises in the dark? It's time for all things spooky... and spoopy! The most mischievous time of the year is the perfect opportunity for some fun contests!

The awesome Degu has conjured up this very adorable coloring page, so grab your preferred medium of choice and liven up this image with some spooky or spoopy colors!


If being more hands-on is your thing and you just happen to have a pumpkin nearby, we challenge you to light up the darkness by creating a super cute or super creepy Furcadia themed jack o'lantern. Want some inspiration? Check out this Kitterjack by Glaciess!

You could win yourself some awesome Wolf Howl swag (see below)! Just take part in one -- or both! -- of our contests!

Download Coloring Page

Coloring Contest Rules

Format: Traditional or Digital

How to Enter: We're offering two ways to enter, but one will snag you some extra goodies!

  • Email your entry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your Furcadia name.


  • Post your completed coloring page to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, DeviantART or Tumblr. Tag Furcadia in your post and send an email with a copy of your entry, the social media link, and your Furcadia name to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. *Please remember to include your Furcadia name so we can credit properly!

**All entries posted to social media automatically receive two black roses and a bucket of candy to give out!

SM Pumpkin Carving Contest Rules

Format: JPG or PNG

Requirements: Your pumpkin carving MUST be Furcadia themed in some way in order to qualify for a prize

How to Enter:

  • Post a photo of your awesome pumpkin carving to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, DeviantART or Tumblr.
  • Important: You MUST include a sign with your Furcadia name and the date in the photo!
  • Tag Furcadia in your post and send an email with a copy of your entry, the social media link, and your Furcadia name to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. *Please remember to include your Furcadia name so we can credit properly!

Deadline: Sunday, October 28th at 11:59pm FST


  • Our pillow case is stuffed full with piles of candy, portrait spaces, specitag spaces, and even an awesome costume bundle featuring a spooky Ghostie and cheeky Kitterjack, both FOR LIFE!


  • Any entries not meeting requirements will be disqualified and none are guaranteed a prize.
  • Upon submission, you grant Dragon's Eye Productions (DEP) permission to post your work and share it with the community. DEP may post, edit, and distribute creative contributions made through contests freely to players and for promotion of Furcadia.
  • All entries must conform to Furcadia's T+ standard or lower.

Cheeten Kindling!

Zoom! The sleek new Cheeten is ready to zip into Furcadia this Tuesday, October 16th!

Primes Wevvin and Sek know well the value of the creative minds within the community, and now request your aid in weaving the Cheeten into Furcadian lore. So come join us in the Storyteller's Circle in Wolf Howl at 4:30pm as the Legend of the Cheeten unfolds. (You can still preorder your own Cheeten and grab the beautiful Cheetah Eyes desctag FOR LIFE!)

When: Tuesday, October 16th

Time: 4:30pm FST

Where: Storyteller's Circle, Wolf Howl

Avatar Artist Spotlight - Cheeten

We're back with another edition of Avatar Artist Spotlight!

This time the awesome Degu, who was the primary artist on the zippy new Cheeten, sat down to give us some insight into the making of this slick new avatar.

Can you describe the design process for this avatar / What was the inspiration behind the markings chosen for this avatar?

The key motivation for this avatar began with summer! It was a hot one this year, and we knew that we needed a good summer avatar. Albeit this is a little late, one can only hope it brings back some good summer vibes as we transition from summer into autumn.

I've always loved cheetah's and their aesthetic. For this avatar we made it possible to have normal cheetah and/or king cheetah marking patterns. While the mane is usually less prominent in adults, we decided to exaggerate it for maximum-cuteness on the Cheeten!

What was the hardest part?

For me the hardest part is always the laying poses. Some might say the away-facing standing pose is the hardest, but for me it's those. These get increasingly difficult with avatar size, if you ask me, but the finished product is always worth the struggle.

What was your favourite part?

This time my absolute favourite part was the first standing (The first pose we all start with and get correct before progressing with our avatars). I've helped on many many avatars, but I haven't done my own, full, first-standing since the Ruffen. It went more smoothly than i could have expected and I was very proud of the final product!

What problems did you run into during testing?

Usually when testing an avatar the most common testing issues we run into are:

  • Shading flashing (dramatic changes between shading as the avatar walks)
  • Marking flashing (dramatic changes between markings as the avatar walks)
  • Shrinkage or growth of the avatar in certain poses

On this occasion, I was blessed with a sincere lack of issues during testing! The main thing I found that needed changing was the size of the sitting poses, and some slight tweaks to leg positions. The lying down poses needed some extra chest size so that they didn't shrink, but nothing much.

How do you feel about the finished product?

I'm exceptionally proud of it, I think it came out really well. James was a great help with tweaking the laying poses to be exceptionally cute on this one. It's my first FULL avatar since the Ruffen, meaning that I was the main artist on it from start to finish. Usually I help others or bring in the help of our other wonderful artists. It was an exciting challenge and I can't wait to see how the community feels about it too!

Thanks Degu!

Wolf Howl Arrives!

Overcome by the sudden urge to Awoooo at the moon? Does the crunch of leaves underfoot fill you with glee? Have you kitterjack-spiced ALL the things? No doubt about it... Wolf Howl has arrived!

This annual festival in honor of Prime Reegarr has lots of eerily entertaining things to see and do, mwahaha!

  • Pick a pumpkin and carve it into the purrfect jack-o-lantern
  • Linger by the moonlit pool to let your inner wolf loose
  • Venture into the haunted mansion to assist an odd, possibly mad, dragon... what could go wrong?
  • Some folks speak of stumbling upon strange Words of Power, but their purpose remains a mystery...
  • And more!

Some fun contests will be announced soon, so keep an eye out here for details!

Living Library 2018 - Recap!

It's been a while since the Living Library event took place, but we still wanted to share a recap with you!

Kono and Different Turret hosted the eighth annual Living Library in Furcadia! If you haven’t attended before or heard of it, Living Library offers an opportunity for participants to share their not always easy lives with fellow Furcadians. It takes a stand against prejudice and is a safe space for sharing as well as mutual learning.

Here are some of the many topics discussed this year: Autism and leadership, gender as a spectrum, being non-binary, living with chronic illness, phone apps to cope with anxiety, and much more! Visiting players found themselves relating to the stories shared, discovering similarities in their own lives, sharing in turn, and realizing that nobody is alone.

Out of respect for the participants, we don't want to share details or retell experiences, these were for the eyes and ears of those who were there, but we were really touched by the community allowing others an honest and open look into their lives, the difficulties, and ways not only to improve one's situation, but also how to turn it into a source of strength and courage.

Furcadia is a unique place in cyberspace, because of you. Thank you to all our amazing volunteers, guests, and Kono and Different Turret for hosting. Until next year! Keep acceptance, love, and compassion close to your heart, always.

Dark Prime Meddles with Kindling; Results in Fun New Game!

This past Saturday saw the adorable Corgen bound it's way into Furcadia!

But what started as a joyful gathering within the Coastal Meadow of The Wylde, quickly became a scramble to save the day from the clutches of the Dark Prime Telcodar! The Wylde Fey kitters, whose magic was integral to wakening the Corgen from their Dragon's Breath Orbs slumber, were mysteriously absent... As the crowd peered round in confusion, a peal of sinister laughter echoed from the nearby dark wood. The Dark Prime of Frenzy had bewitched the tiny fey in an attempt to keep their magic from the kindling, compelling them to wander aimlessly along the edges of the Coastal Meadow and Broadleaf Wood, oh no!

As a murmur passed through the crowd, a soft tinkling of bells and bright rainbow flash heralded the arrival of Prime Jujinka, Lady of Green! The tiny fox kitter stared defiantly into the shrouded woods a moment before gesturing meaningfully to the crowd, sending them forth to rescue the Wylde Fey. One by one each brightly colored kitter was found and brought safely back to the gathering, where Jujinka lead them in a dance of aethereal magic, each furre in attendance lending their own power of voice until... *POOF* the Corgen sprang from their Orbs -- fluffy, and wiggling, and ready to play!

Infuriated, Dark Prime Telcodar stormed into the midst of the jubilation, determined to salvage some shred of his vile plan. Summoning a relic of foul magic meant to shroud the meadow in gloom and despair, he hid it amongst the tall grass and vanished back to his realm, certain he had gotten the last laugh. But Jujinka, with a spirited twinkle in her eye, bid the Wylde Fey kitters alight upon the backs of the Corgen, matching agility to magic with a twist of fun! Despair became delight as the Corgen riders made sport of the dark artifact by turning it's banishment into a game of Prime Polo!

The all new Corgen is now available for regular purchase, including Dragon Scales, on Digo Market! Bork bork!

Avatar Artist Spotlight - Corgen

Hello everyone! Today we're introducing a fun new Avatar Artist Spotlight Series!

From time to time we'll be sitting down to interview one of the creative paws behind upcoming/newly released Avatars to get an artist's perspective on the process. From unexpected hiccoughs, to happy accidents, to what snacks really get the creative juices flowing, you never know what you might learn!

Our first guinea-pi... I mean lucky artist, is Jade Ravenwing! Jade was lead designer for the adorable new Corgen!

Can you describe the design process for this avatar?

The design process for the Corgen was pretty straightforward and simple. I was given two avatar choices and I picked the Corgen/Corgi. I think that Corgis are adorably awesome, and I tried to mirror that during the creation of this avatar. I’m pretty confident that I succeeded. James designed the nifty remaps for the avatar, so he gets credit for that. They allow for some pretty cute and awesome color choices. Like Panda-Corgis. Who doesn’t love Panda-Corgis.

What was the hardest part?

After working on the Snapdragon (Primes save me), the Corgen wasn’t difficult for me at all. No wings and extra frilly bits? Yes please (though frilly bits can be fun too!). The “hardest” part would have been figuring out the mechanics of the bounding animation, but that was more of a sequence of small, trial and error edits rather than anything truly difficult. Getting the shading of the neck-fur right was a struggle as well, I think James and Degu saved the day on that one for me, and my thanks goes out to them for that.

Technical-skill wise, getting the head right on the NW laying pose was difficult; I had to rotate the head around and reshade it so that it fit the pose without looking awkward.

What was your favourite part?

I don’t often have a “favorite part” of doing an avatar, I’ve found. Where a lot of people enjoy the entire process of creation, I find I often enjoy the small accomplishments scattered through the process more. Avatars have lots of small steps that have to be confirmed throughout the creation process, and my brain seems to enjoy that. Specifically for the Corgen, I’d say the bounding animation was my favorite part to get completed. The on-the-back laying pose was a happy accomplishment as well, as I was very nervous about attempting it on my own.

What problems did you run into during testing?

I didn’t encounter any major problems this time around, thankfully; just little things that were relatively easy to fix. A couple examples would be making sure the north-facings didn’t look too flat/side-on, making sure the butt was big enough to look properly isometric (this one always makes me giggle: “Needs more butt!” or “The butt needs to be bigger!”), and the feet sliding oddly during first positioning passes. All things that would make the avatar look “not right” in-game, but surprisingly easy fixes sometimes, if you can spot them.

How do you feel about the finished product?

I’m extremely proud of the final product. I think it’s the first avatar I’ve actually finished before the original/tentative due date, and I’m really proud of myself for that. It’s also one of the few avatars where I came up with the first standing and north standing (mostly) on my own, instead of editing one to final product. I’m really excited and pleased that I was able to do that. I think it’s a big step for me in avatar creation. I do have to give James credit for the idea of implementing a bounding animation, it was brilliant and really fun to create. Overall I really enjoyed working on the Corgen, and I really hope the community loves the avatar as much as I do. It’s a digo I’d definitely buy for myself and/or for my friends.

Anything else you want to share with the community about the making of the Corgen?

Not having school/university homework looming in the back of your mind makes for A++ focus during the creation of avatars. The Corgen is officially the first avatar I’ve done completely after obtaining my degree, and I have to say the process is much more enjoyable now.

Thank you to Jade Ravenwing for taking the time to answer our questions, they were truly insightful!

Think Artist Spotlights are a great idea? Have something you'd like us to ask the next artist? Drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Corgen Kindling!


There's nothing like a good sploot! And who are the splootiest sploots that ever splooted? Corgen's! The masters of sploot are ready to show us how it's done this Saturday, September 29th at 3pm FST in the Coastal Meadow of The Wylde! If you're a collector of desctags, be sure to pounce on the presale before it's gone to snag that exclusive FOR LIFE desctag that comes with it as thanks for your support!

These spunky fluffbottom pups are the trusted steeds of the Meadow Fey, whose magic is integral to coaxing the Corgen from their slumber within the Dragon's Breath Orbs. You won't want to miss this exciting and magical gathering!

When: Saturday, September 29th

Time: 3pm FST

Where: Coastal Meadow, The Wylde

Specitag and Short Story Contest Winners

The results are in for the Specitag and Tomb Hunt Short Story contests! We received some absolutely fantastic entries -- many of you certainly knew how to 'Walk like a Furregyptian'!

Specitag Winners -

3rd Place: Namir -

Prize - Specitag Space & Animated Portrait Space

2nd Place: Gherkin -

Prize - Specitag Space, Desctag Space, & Animated Portrait Space

1st Place: Progeny -

Prize - Specitag Space & MF Sphynx FOR LIFE

Tomb Hunter Adventure Short Story Winners -

View Winning Entries

3rd Place: Cynfire

Prize - Specitag Space & Animated Portrait Space

2nd Place: Siduri

Prize - Specitag Space, Desctag Space, & Animated Portrait Space

1st Place: Kay Katt

Prize - Specitag Space & MF Sphynx FOR LIFE

Thank you to all who participated!

Speaking of contests, the stellar lineup of entries for the Fun in the Sun Dream Contest are all ready to be explored! Check them out here, and splash on over to the Rameen Festival docks where all the Dreams are uploaded, to experience the super creative games and activities our players have conjured up!

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