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Server Outage Retrospective: Buried in Cookies!

Remember our server issues a few weeks back? We wanted to share a retrospective with you that recounts the events.

We hope you enjoy Kitasu's look behind the technical scene. :)

Read it here!

Cake Day - A Recap!

Wow, what a delicious day! Spending time with each other to share delicious food (CAKE)!!!! Everyone shared some amazing cake pictures with us, and Kufky even baked a cake!

She sends her regards that it isn't as beautiful as they usually are, but she made it with the extra challenge of making it a vegan cake, with a strict no peanut rule!

Icesis made a snickerdoodle mug cake!

Umbasa shared their amazing baking skills with us, and shared a Pokémon cake, a Berserk cake, and this beauty:

This tasty looking delight from Sarnith:

And Jes made this "angel food cake with chocolate and sugar work butterflies on top. Outside are milk chocolate cups filled with strawberry and blueberry mousse"

Icesis also shared the current social media buzz abomination, the Raw Turkey Cake!

You can check out the recipe here, for those who are adventerous! (Photo credit to Sarah aswell!)

We also ate some cake together, and shared some cuppas! Then we played a few rounds of Kitchen Khaos! It was a lot of fun, and Thinking of a name beat us all!

Thank you to everyone who came out and spent some of their time with us today.

Festive Firs!

Annual Winter Sales: Festive Firs!

It's time for our annual Winter Sales! This year we're having a 9 week outpouring of meowsome deals. Every single avatar will go on sale (up to 70% off!), with different ones every week -- so watch for your favorites!

Christmas trees, in all their colorful seasonal brilliance, are one of the most recognizable holiday symbols, so this year every avatar special comes with a fancy gift to you: a super trendy Festive Firs ornament desctag! Each week will feature a different beautiful ornament tag to collect, so you can festive up your description and be your own Christmas tree!

These desctags are FOR LIFE and exclusive to this sale. It's the only chance to get them!

A special seasonal treet!

Speaking of being your own Christmas tree... that's a great idea! The holiday spirit is thriving this year, so as an added bonus we have a special surprise for you -- the FurreFir! Don't just wear a sweater with a tree on it, BE the tree yourself!

Collecting 3 or more different ornaments in this year's sales will snag you a full year of this fancy avatar, or jingle ALL the way with the fabulous FurreFir FOR LIFE by collecting 7 or more unique Festive Firs ornaments! The one stipulation is that they must all be attached to the same character (not account) to qualify. Until February 15, 2020, you can request a transfer for any ornament desctag by submitting a support ticket at The tags cannot be transferred after that date.

*The FurreFir will be awarded to all qualifying players at the end of the Winter Sales in February

Get your Festive Firs finery here!

Week 1 Maple Leaf
Week 2 Bauble
Week 3 Mouse King
Week 4 ?
Week 5 ?
Week 6 ?
Week 7 ?
Week 8 ?
Week 9 ?

Cake Day is coming!

Did you know that there is a day dedicated to cake?! Well the Eventers found out, and decided to invite everyone for some fun! Come join them for cake, and sharing pictures of your favorite cakes! They can be cakes you made, your dream cake (of any kind!), or any cakes you found and love! We also have a fun game lined up to play together! So come hang out, have fun and eat cake with us!

When: November 26, 2019

Where: Challenge Resort - Grannyfurre's Diner

Time: 4pm FST

World Kindness Day - Recap

I hope everyone had a kind and wonderful World Kindness Day! The Eventers had a wonderful day with everyone at Theatre Meovanni. There were many wonderful shout-outs, stories of positivity and random acts of kindness, and a lot of fun and happy conversations!

We even had an amazing gesture when Jes donated a tree for every furre in the dream at 4PM FST, with an amazing donation of 68 trees to #TeamTrees!

Thank you to everyone who came to hang out with us and share this amazing day. Remember to be kind to one another, and it's always in season to show kindness. If you're looking for something to give, there is always something on the Digo Market!

World Kindness Day

Do you love positivity, random acts of kindness and compliments? Then please join the Eventers on November 13th for World Kindness Day! We will be sharing stories of random acts of kindness, sharing positive notes from the community, and much much more! So bring your best smile, positivity and kindness, and let's have a fantastic time!

When: Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

Where: Theatre Meovanni

Time: 3PM-6PM FST

Halloween Hijinx - Recap

T'was a dark and spoopy night in the Wolf Howl Festival on October 30th, as we celebrated the 4th annual Halloween Hijinx. As everyone made their way in, we gathered around the StoryTeller's Circle to chat about Halloween and our plans.

After everyone had arrived and settled, we decided to start off with some mischief. We kicked off the event with some Trick or Treating!

Esmi, Icesis, Juliet, and Kufky hid around the Wolf Howl Festival while furres ran around looking for them. Once they found them, they were to stand in front of the Eventer Beekin and say "Trick or Treat!". Then, based on the roll of a die, they either were rewarded with a piece of candy for a treat, or smacked with a trout as a trick.

The objective was to visit each of the four Eventers and try to collect as much candy as possible. You could only revisit a previous Eventer if you'd visited all the others in between. First place received one week of all new Nightmare avatar! Second and Third place received a one day Nightmare! Our winners were:

First Place: Fading Memories (10 pieces of candy)

Second Place: Sarnith (8 pieces of candy)

Third Place: KeeZy (6 pieces of candy)

Thank you to all the participants and congratulations to the winners!

After the intense Trick or Treating, we once again gathered in the StoryTeller's Circle to enjoy some fun Halloween trivia! Each question was asked, and the furre was to whisper Icesis with the correct answer, and in the correct sequence, won a one day Nightmare. Congratulations to our winners Wallaby, Metalucifier, KayKatt, and Lileo.

The final event for the evening was the fan favorite: Costume Contest! Winner(s) received a one month Nightmare, and all participating furres received a one day Nightmare.

We would like to thank all the participants who took part: Bitterness, Friesian, Metalucifier, Amabel, IraNik, Explosions, Floof Cop, Kashurra, Kangaroo, and Xela!

This competition ended up being a four-way tie between Friesian who utilized the amazing Nightmare to cosplay a stalhorse from The Legend of Zelda; IraNik as the mythical Japanese Kitsune; Kashurra as a Death Cleric; and Xela as a Vulpix from Pokémon! You all did an amazing job!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and made this year's Halloween Hijinx a lot of fun and a great success! Be sure to checkout the Digo Market and pick up the new Nightmare before it disappears!

Remember to stay safe and have a happy and fun Halloween.

SURPRISE! A Nightmare has descended upon Furcadia, plus upcoming Halloween Hijinx Event!

In the cold waning of October, the minions of Taglinn Tigh, Dark Prime of Fear, are released, galloping forth from beyond the wall of dreams.

The Nightmare, blazing brightly in the shadows, comes to spread a little Halloween mischief across Kasuria's fields and fens. They devour pleasant dreams, and leave only scary visions in their wake - these spooky steeds have a bone to pick with you, and thankfully there's enough to go around.

The Nightmare is only around during the dark, chill weeks before Winter sets in though, so be sure to wrangle one of your very own before they vanish back into the void until next year!

Annual Halloween Hijinx Event!

Halloween is only a couple sleeps away but we're bringing the fun out early! Join us for our our annual Halloween Hijinx: Trick or Treat Event this Wednesday, October 30th!

Throw on your best - or worst! - costume, grab your buckets or pillow cases, and hunt down the Eventers hiding all around the Dream for your chance to score some yummy candy! But watch out, it's the season of deception and you may wind up with a stinky old fish instead! The risk may be worth the reward though, as there is rumor of some exclusive special prizes lurking in the Eventers' treat bags that you may just be lucky enough to find landing in your bucket.

What: Halloween Hijinx Trick or Treat Event

Where: Wolf Howl Festival

When: Wednesday, October 30th at 5pm FST

Find us in the pumpkin patch to start the night, and those who come in costume will also have a chance to win some goodies . Get creative with your colors and description, taking on the guise of your favorite hero, monster, profession, item of food, or anything you can possibly conceive (but keep it T+!) and have your name entered for some spooktacular prizes, including the new Nightmare!

MoonAwoo event - a recap

Did you get to see the hunter's moon this past weekend? In honor of all things moon, the Eventers hosted a fun gathering over in the Wolf Howl Festival on Monday -- to share fun facts and do some serious and ever important AWOOOing at the bright moon!

To fit the occasion, this moontastic event started off with furres staring intently into the reflection of the moon. Those that lingered (and kept starring!) were soon transformed into something fierce, fluffy ... and extra howl-y.

With the frequent bout of moonsong, guests were encouraged to share their favorite facts about the moon, its myths, and how it is celebrated around the world. Learning about the moon rabbit was enchanting, while mooncakes just made us hungry.

Luckily, mooncheese was at hand to feed the peckish, and the night was ended with a round of moon memes and MoonMoon jokes.

Thanks to all who stopped by and joined in on the AWOOOing this year!

Hero Vulpine Kindling & Wolf Howl Launch!

What's this? An archery tournament held in honor of the arrival of Furcadia's newest and bushiest-tailed Heroes? How exciting!

Get your bows strung and arrows fletched, and head on down to the Wolf Howl Festival grounds this coming Wednesday, October 9th at 5:30pm FST.

Fun, laughs, and prizes to be had! Who will have the truest shot of them all?


When: Wednesday, October 9th

Time: 5:30pm FST

Where: Wolf Howl Festival

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