Thank you to everyone who participated in our Holiday Video Greeting and Fantastical Magical Patch Pieces contests! We had some outstanding entries, and the winners have been chosen!

Holiday Video Greeting Grand Prize Winner:


Prize: Korven FOR LIFE

Fantastical Magical Patch Pieces Winners:

Regulars Category -

3rd Place

Tiwaz with Nisari

Prize: 1 sheet of wrapping paper, a pile of 5 snowballs, and a 6 month Korven

2nd Place


Prize: 2 sheets of wrapping paper, 10 snugs, a pile of 10 snowballs, and a 1 year Korven

1st Place - A tie, with both moving on to Masters Category for future contests!



Prize: 3 sheets of wrapping paper, 15 snugs, a pile of 20 snowballs, and a Korven FOR LIFE

Masters Category -

Grand Prize

The Shadow Rider

Prize: 3 sheets of wrapping paper, 20 snugs, 30 snowballs, 50 GD, and a Korven FOR LIFE

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