Hello everyone! It's high time to recognize our talented players who created fantastic Dreams for the Beach Bash Dream Contest!

Players were asked to design Dreams featuring a fun Summertime game or activity. We ended up with some absolutely amazing creations to explore and play in! We're sorry about the delay in getting the Dreams properly judged and are hugely thankful to the contestants for being so patient and understanding.

You can find the Dream entries here and they (along with some exhibition entries) are loaded in the Spring Festival map, to the SW if you'd like to explore them.

Regular's category for Dream winners:

Second Place (100 GD) Furnarchy Devil, Beach Resort

This Dream features a resort with good attention paid to sound ambience, a cute hidden underwater cove, an interactive bar top, and incorporates both re-size and mimic DS. The Dream is beautiful, thanks to Tacoma's patch artwork! Well done!

First Place (200 GD) and now a new Master Dreamweaver: Gherkin, Happy Froggy Island

This Dream is really a well-thought-out, whole world with memorable NPCs (like Beryl, who wanted a 'pick-me-up'!) and consistently maintains a vibrant, friendly feel. Close attention was paid to ensuring a fabulous new-player experience by incorporating the use of a website with tips, instructions, as well as even a helpful in-Dream NPC guide.

My favorite part about the Dream was the beautiful panorama area with a rainbow parasol, and the frogspawn piano (I stimmed on that for about 2 minutes, teehee!)

Featuring its own original artwork and unified color palette, skin, OST and original sound design (seriously, go have a listen!), mini quests, its own website guide and avatar effects + accessories... this one is quite literally jam-packed with features. You can really tell how much love and attention went into this project!

Master's category for Dream winners:

And now the Master's category, where the prizes are higher, but the competition is steeper!

Second place (200 GD): Deathdog, Party Island

This Dream featured a theme-park vibe with good attention paid to crowd-dispersal (always important with game Dreams!) It also had cute, custom animated art (my favorite was the seagull)!

The sound effects were appreciated, helping to improve immersion. The color maze was fun: figuring out the order was entertaining! Same with the main map word cross puzzle. My favorite activities were both the nostalgic bouncy castle as well as the teacup carousel! Great job, Deathdog!

First Place (400 GD): Terra Wolf, Sauria Island

This Dream's highlight is the stunning artwork, featuring custom local avatars, a skin, epically shaded HUGE dinosaurs, glowing crystal caverns with lighting and gorgeous teal waterfalls, animated waves patches and even archeological digging artwork! The ambient music and follow-sound effects were also extremely well done.

This Dream was also stuffed to the brim with activities, including shell-collecting, egg-sitting, fossil-finding, herb-foraging, hunting, and den-decorating, all of which unlocked decorations and wishing stones!! My favorite activity was the bumpable digging (like minecraft on Furcadia), and also chasing the bouncing prehistoric elephant shrew!

There was also a lot of care shown in the small touches, like adding a quiz to the museum area, incentivizing players to read the educational aspects of the area, as well as the inventory system for building a den! The NPC characters were also lovable, including my favorite, the adorable Green Sauropod, who said, "I really like the mixed veggis at the cafe. I look forward to it every year!" D'aww!

Great job everyone! Thanks to all those who had a hand in organizing and running these festivities, both volunteers and staff! And most importantly, a huge thank you to all of you who put in so much hard work on your entries! We are consistently blown away by the level of talent and unbridled imagination you all exhibit during these contests. You're amazing!

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