Hey everyone, we have some upcoming events to share with you! Would love to see you there!

Chupacabra Kindling

  • What: Come welcome the new Digo into Furcadia and be the first to see it here! We heard tell there may be Primes afoot... We'll be playing a brand new game, the Legend of the Mysterious Chupacabra! You can practice by bumping the Cerdiere NPC in the Wolfhowl Map.
  • When: Friday, October 28th, 4pm FST
  • Where: Wolfhowl Festival, just NE of the entrance
  • Prizes:
    • Those who snap photos during the Kindling will win a week of the brand new Chupacabra digo!
    • Additionally, all players who place in the @photographers listings in the Festival Dream (Great, Outstanding, Master, or Completionist Photographers) will get the exclusive Wolfhowl desctag, which lasts a whole year!
      • You don't have to be present at the Kindling event to earn this prize - your name will be included if you capture enough photos (at any time) to earn the listing.

Bonfire storytelling

  • What: Back by popular demand! Share a gripping/funny/spooky tale around the bonfire! The theme is open as long as it's rated T+. You can roleplay it out in character, or simply share it, but please make sure to involve audience participation into your story as this is a live event and not just a plain reading (and your audience will be voting for their favorite story of the evening!)
  • When: November 8th, 4pm FST
  • Where: Wolfhowl Festival (Storyteller's circle, NE then NW after the bridge)
  • Prizes:
    • Valid storytellers' entries will receive a participation prize, the exclusive Wolfhowl desctag that lasts a whole year!
    • Additionally participants present at the event will secretly vote for their favorite story of the evening, and the chosen winner will get the Furre's Choice award: 50 GD!

Winter Sales Kickoff!

  • What: We're celebrating the return of the annual weekly Winter Sales for Digo Market, where every avatar gets a debut in the spotlight and there's a huge raffle at the end! Join us to kick off this event, where there'll be prizes and fun times to be had! More details to follow soon.
  • When: November 19, 2:00pm FST
  • Where: Furcadia's Festival Grounds

Other Upcoming events!

Wolfhowl Dream Contest deadline is October 31st, midnight FST!

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Player Sponsored:

These events are being held by different Groups in Furcadia. If you'd like to add yours to the list here and for in-game advertising, please read this page for more info!

  • What: Join a player-sponsored low-key Halloween party with games, movies, snacks, and great company!
  • When: Saturday, Oct 29 at 2pm FST
  • Where: Snowside Peak

  • What: Wisp Hallow's Halloween party is debuting in a brand new Trick-or-Treat Dream, with trivia, games, and perhaps a scary movie! Make sure your music and sounds are on!
  • When: Sunday, Oct 30th at 6:30pm FST
  • Where: furc://frankenfur:trickortreat

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