• Regions Tutorial: Forcefield

    Tutorial 1: Forcefield

    Regions are powerful, and why not show it! You could even use regions to track players' movements. For instance, let's say your Dream is anticipating the arrival of a very infamous individual known asMs. Agatha Frumpybottoms. There's only one issue though... this woman is a high school principal with very low tolerance for riff raff, and therefore exudes an aura that makes everyone around her shiver. Wouldn’t it be cool to make a special set of triggers that make it so the other students will actively avoid approaching her? We'll showcase how to do this with region DS bycreating a force field of space around Principal Frumpybottoms that others cannot enter. The principal, however, will still be able to move up to others.

  • Regions: DragonSpeak Lines

    DragonSpeak Lines

    All of the DragonSpeak lines related to regions are listed here:

  • Regions: Intro


    You can check through the How to use Regions tutorial first if you want a big overview! Though that tutorial covers basic usage of regions, there are almost endless other ways to use regions to your advantage. The advantage regions have over the other map layers like floors, items, and effects, is the fact that they're completely invisible and never overwrite the other layers.

    While there are many ways to utilize regions, we'll only be covering one in this reference.

  • Regions: The Limits

    The Limits

    There are 40,000 regions available, however in the Dream Editor, they are not visually numbered in sequence after the first 200. For instance, region 201 in the Dream Editor visually is represented as region 1, even though it really is 201.

    You can use regions for indoors/outdoor DS and you can use regions for miscellaneous other reasons... but you may run into a problem with trying to use both methods at the same time. In some instances you can’t. When you can, you will likely be restricted to regions for outdoor use only. This is because indoor regions hide items and objects making it difficult to add interactive DS to them.

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