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Registered Groups are FREE group packages that can be yours by signing up with just 5 founding members. You will get a customizable webpage on, to tell others about your group; member list, automatically updated with everyone who joins; and your group will be listed with the other Group Packages for searching on the web! You will also get Rah and Taneest crowns in descriptions with a link to your page! These free features will let people find your group and learn what you are about, and most importantly help your group grow!


Are you a fantastic feline who's looking for a group made up of others like you? This group may celebrate the Catten but all felines and feline-friends are welcome!
This group is a sort of an alliance - a league for all creatures dark and devilish, (but not necessarily evil). May you be Monster, Demon, Vampire, Lichenthrope, and so on, you are welcome here.
This is a new group page. Nothing has been written about this group yet.
This is a new group page. Nothing has been written about this group yet.
Welcome to New Haven! This is a social area, for learning about the game if you're new, and for oldtimers to just relax and make new friends. Please keep any violence or explicit language out of this Dream and help us keep the atmosphere peaceful. Thanks! The Help Desk is now open, just ask someone there if you have any questions about anything. To learn more about the volunteer helper program, go to (URL: (press F8). :-) Â Netherworld - New Haven: The Fiendship. This is a group that pays homage to the classic map that was, and…
Artists who wish to help others with techniques, dream weaving and other artistic hurdles. We will help anyway we can We will not criticize you no matter your skill level, all suggestions will be given in a supportive constructive manner.
This is a new group page. Nothing has been written about this group yet.
Welcome to Kumu Niu, the Island jewel of the ocean full of tribals and a scattering of lost travelers either choosing or ending up adopting Islander lifestyle. We are a Medieval Strict RP dream. Newly opened and starting it's first sets of stories and plots. The maps and DS are set, information is filling in, but we need you, the players to help make this paradise breathe life every day. The ground-floor of a dream is the best place to be, where you can establish yourself and become a cornerstone of the continuity.
The hottest, the funkiest, -the- Proxy of all times! Easy character creating, alt handling, online checks and personal message system, just to list few of its features. Find out why DogProxy is ran over 45,000 times a month - try it yourself!
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