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Tinkers Creek is a wildlife role play. Horses, bears and wolves coexist within these woods. More wild life species will be added, when they're completed. In the mean time, feel free to visit, mingle and enjoy Tinkers Creek and it's wonderful patches. History and Plot of Tinkers Creek Tinkers Creek is home to over three hundred acres of valley, marshland and forestry. It's home to many of a variety and houses its share of secrets. Mostly hidden among a tree-covered, glacier-carved landscape, Tinker's Creek remains largely untouched by human hands, but did encounter its share of human inhabitants during the late 1700's. Some of those who have attempted to settle this land barely left a trace of their own existence. Moravian mission, a mercenary group, had found an abandoned Ottawa settlement, and decided this area would be a temporary stay and had thusly renamed the area Pilgerruh, (german for "pilgrim's rest.") It is not known how long the Ottawas occupied the land beforehand, but what is known is that that they suddenly abandoned their huts and left the area. Their escape may have been due to encroaching settlers from New England, or from growing hostility by other nearby Native American tribes. Or perhaps... from something else. The Moravians had begun to planted crops and build cabins and even a church. Though they did not intend to make this their permanent home, but something had happened while they were there to cause them to leave even sooner, rather than later. A nearby tribe had recommended they remain at Pilgerruh, but for reasons unknown the Moravians decided to move on as quickly as possible. Only ten months after they had settled at Pilgerruh, and as soon as Spring broke in 1787, the Moravians gathered for a prayer on the banks of the nearby creek and walked away. Ten years later, in 1797, members of the Connecticut Western Reserve Land Company arrived to survey the land for permanent settlement by pioneers from New England. There, they discovered the ru...
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