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The Land of Equestria is a glittering jewel of peace and carefully maintained harmony, ruled by the diarchs of the sun and moon. Under their careful tending, Equestria has blossomed into a thriving country full of many different ponies and creatures all living together. Though the day by day is prone to random disasters or small chaotic events set in motion by one thing or another, it is a pleasant and rich land underlaid by darker activities and left over forces from days of yore. There are many other lands to be found in this world, but it all starts here, in the Land of Equestria.

Land of Equestria


This dream was created for My Little Pony: FiM roleplay.

To get around the dream, there are a few commands that can be used to access the areas. You can view these commands by saying &Commands. If you wish to use an area and roleplay it as another location not seen in the dream, then you have the freedom to do so, or roleplay in the correct thread here on the forum!

This dream is also meant to be more open to original characters so that people may have more freedom. We will now allow alicorn OCs under very specific rules, which can be found in the Rules thread! There will not have to be applications for them, but please run your ideas by the dream owner and staff first!


The dream is consent, but individual players may be non-consent and limited-consent as individuals. Thrillkilling, powergaming, and godmodding are frowned upon and ICA= ICC are strongly upheld in the dream. Even if your character may not be killed without your consent, if you attack another player, you risk your character.

Enjoy roleplaying!

In Canterlot, unknown parties are running a smuggling ring, bringing in illegal dark magic paraphernalia into Equestria. Any leads that were once had in a bakery front was lost in a fire, though it is speculated other bakeries carry similar, unscrupulous operations.

Another being seems to be trying to muscle Discord out of the game of chaos, now that the spirit himself is reformed and left to gentler pranks.

In Saddle Arabia, tensions raise between the strained relations between Equestria and the desert kingdom. An assassination of a noblemen by a pony in Equestrian Military regalia brings up questions as to the agenda of the Equestria Embassy on Saddle Arabian soils.

=Dream Forums=

Take Note

1.) No matter what reasons you may have, [@$%!#] is absolutely not tolerated. You will be banned on the spot. And furthermore, anyone who is a victim of such an act or roleplay will not be punished, obviously, and they are encouraged to inform staff with logs and screenshots as proof. The same goes for age-play.

2.) Roleplays of an adult nature should be kept to private places such as houses or bedrooms! Please make sure that everyone is oocly 18+ and fully consenting to such a roleplay, too, before engaging. Anyone who breaks this rule will be treated as harshly as with the above rule- anyone under 16 should find a more friendly dream to go to such as Equestria.

Out of Character

1.) Please show respect for everyone in the dream. If you are having a problem with someone, feel free to inform staff of a troublesome individual. If they persist after already told to stop, let staff know and provide logs/screenshots for us as proof.

2.) You are allowed to be OOC or roleplay anywhere in the dream (aside from rping in the designated OOC area). You are not required to use brackets, unless an rp is in session. Please do not disturb roleplayers with OOC chatter and vice versa.

3.) Spamming, trolling, bashing or any insults what-so-ever are not tolerated. If you do not stop, you will get only one warning before we move straight to ejection. We'll listen to no griping if you were not listening to staff or breaking rules. Ignorance is not an excuse.

4.) Do not argue with staff, and furthermore, do not put staff on ignore. If you are told to stop doing something, then stop immediately. Arguing will get you nowhere.

In Character

1.) This dream is not solely a consent dream. If you prefer to use no-consent, then feel free. All types of roleplay are welcome here, whether it be Strict or Persona, or anything in between. Post lengths are also not an issue.

2.) Do not bring OOC information IC and vice versa. What happens in roleplay also has nothing to do with how the player feels, either. Just because their character hates yours doesn't mean the player behind that character hates you.

3.) There will be no fighting or arguing over the apartments and establishments. They are claimed by no one, and only to be used as a backdrop for where your character lives. If an apartment is already occupied, or an establishment already being used in roleplay by a stand-in owner, then feel free to find another area to roleplay in or wait until they are no longer being occupied or used.

Alicorn OCs

Since it has been shown in the show that normal ponies can ascend to alicornhood, we have decided to allow alicorn OCs under specific rules to avoid certain problems.

1.) There will be no immortal alicorns, or those born as alicorns. They must have ascended into the species.

2.) While we encourage freedom with the designs, it would be appreciated if they did not blatantly copy after the canon princesses' designs. Be creative and choose a new theme for your character!

3.) There are plenty of princesses in Equestria as is. There's more to the world than that one continent, so your OC could be a royal from a different land!

4.) With all this said, your character cannot be overpowered. They will not suddenly be the creator of magic or the universe or a specific element, nor will they be as long lived as Celestia and Luna. Sure, if you were writing a story about your character that'd be fine, however it would most likely not fit in with the dream's established canon.

5.) There will be no characters related to the princesses (see rule 1 on age/no immortals), as in there will be no other sisters or brothers. There will be no aunts, uncles, cousins, childhood friends, caretakers, guardians nor will the princesses have had any sons or daughters. In the chance that you do have something along the lines of this, please kindly keep it to your fanfiction and out of this dream (keeping it to the OOC is fine too).


If you have engaged in fight roleplay, remember that we use the 3-dodge rule: you are allowed to dodge at least three times until you have to take whatever's coming next. What would be good to note, as well, is that it is perfectly fine for your character to receive injury. If someone does not consent to the death or dismemberment of their character, however, then please abide by this.

What we do not allow is listed and explained as such:

1.) Powerplaying: This is when you control the other person's character in any way, shape or form.

2.) Godmodding: Having an over-powerful or god-like character. If you have a character that can control everything or claims to be the creator of everything, magic, elements, or anything else really, chances are you won't be allowed to roleplay until these things are removed. The only things exempt from this rule is what is already established in canon.

3.) Autohitting: This is when you automatically land a hit on the other person's character. An example: "Luna banishes [name] to the moon!" This is not allowed. Rather, you have to try/attempt/aim to injure the other, and they will decide if the attack makes it or not. Dodges are handled by the 3-dodge rule (see above).

4.) Other: If a fight roleplay has already started and one person is having trouble, you may not summon someone to help you fight. They have to be there when the fight starts! Similarly, you cannot twink out of a fight, as in log out and avoid the person you were in a fight with, or claim to be alive again after consenting to your character's death.

*If you feel uncomfortable engaging in a fight roleplay without a referee, feel free to contact the dream owner or staff to referee.

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