Phew! Sincerest apologies for the considerable delay in getting the results out for the the 2020 Wolf Howl contests. As compensation for our participants' -- very much appreciated -- patience, each will be receiving 1 year of Spirit Wolf on top of their prizes for placement in each category.

Pumpkin Patch Carving Winners -

[Judging courtesy of Rat the Unloved]

Alas, poor punkins, I knew them well. Having raised them up from but small seeds into such specimens as to bring joy to all who beheld them, and then offered them up for the carving pleasure of our dear community and the customary Wolf Howl traditions.

How can one judge that which is art? I mean, you know... ahem... plenty of people can be quite vigorous, and somewhat unkind in their judgements, and I feel they miss the true soul of the thing in doing so.

Let us start then with Thrifty Geek, who poured their creative juices into this humble fairytale pumpkin and from it crafted a face of spooky delight! They are noted with an Honorable Mention.

Then there is the offering of Zack The Great, tapping also into that 2020 spirit with a pumpkin perfectly carved, but left unlit. Darkened within, as without. Truly, a bold work, and a strong Third Place.

Next is Kono, a classic Jack O Lantern, flickering with candle light, scowling at the night to ward off evil spirit and pumpkin smasher alike. This is a fine friend, a good lad indeed. Second Place!

And lastly, but not leastly, as indeed they are FIRSTly... Single and their adorable cat-o-lantern. This OwO brought a big grin to my face, and I hope to yours as well. The stand-out winner, and a fantastic effort all around.

Thank you to all who visited Wolf Howl last year, and celebrated online or offline safely and joyfully. Thank you to those who participated in the carving contest, and to those who carve them another time in another place, displayed in their own dreams. Summer is nice and all, but Fall is the most wonderful time of the year.

Spooky Spells Winners -

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Honorable Mentions: Happastance, Fading Memories

Both of these entries were very well thought out, charming, and super fun to read, but unfortunately were just shy of meeting parameters for the contest.

Prize - Premade Specitag of choice

3rd Place: Cosmic Star Bar

A cute and concise spell resulting in a cookie fight! Playtime and snacks all rolled in one. Yum!

Prize - Premade Specitag of choice & Animated Portrait Space

2nd Place: Furnarchy Devil

This spell brought to mind a triad of witches cackling over their bubbling cauldron, tossing ingredients in from random cob-webbed jars, to create a potion of some sort of gleeful mischief we are certain!

Prize - Premade Specitag of choice, Desctag Space, & Animated Portrait Space

1st Place: Kay Katt

Kay Katt's entry gave us two detailed incantations for strength and swiftness, but culminated in the most important power of all -- friendship! Their use of phrasing and rhythm truly created a beautiful image and feelings of warmth.

Prize - Premade Specitag of choice, Animated Portrait Space, & choice of Ghostie or Kitterjack FOR LIFE

Winners will be contacted in game regarding specitag choice.

Thank you to all who participated!

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