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This group is dedicated to all characters which originate or reside from Hell and follow under the reign of Lucifer. This does not mean they must obey him, they either recognize him as their highest power from Hell and fake their loyalty, or simply were spawned from the Eternal Suffering. The spawn of an incubus, for example. This group also welcomes Satanists, and any relating characters. This includes, but is not limited to, demons, hellhounds, hell spawn, fallen angels and ect. Specific story arc as followed in The Carmine Bordello, The Devil's Cradle, and New Versailles. More information to come.
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Olympia is a fan made Town in Equestria. This is where Queen Chrysalis moved her hive. It is located in the Crystal Mountains. And ran by her pony form Holly Snow. This town does not show that it is a changeling hive at all. It is set up to have a Ancient Greece feel to it. From the Marble buildings to the Colosseum where gladiators fight everything from each other to Ferocious Manticore. The town is a sight to behold no pony could ever guess its the Changeling Empires new home.
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For lovers of those tiny, noisy, furry potatoes that we have so fondly dubbed 'guinea pigs'.
※NOTICE: THE S IN SJW ACTUALLY STANDS FOR SQUID※ You PC bro? ※this group is very much a parody and named ironically but feel free to join if you want a cool Squid Justice Warriors tag
Crystalline Waters is a social group that has been around Furcadia since 2005. Our group is about making friends, having fun, and just generally enjoying life. We strive to be a happy, safe, and peaceful place where anyone and everyone is welcome. Our dream can be found uploaded next to the Storyteller's Circle in Acropolis. For more information, feel free to visit our website:
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