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This is the same Dream Package that we've had for years with many new features at no extra cost. You now get your own searchable web page with member management, custom desctags to give out to all your members, channel features to keep in touch, and even free advertising for your group! You still get even more Local Species, extra Dream space, more DS, and best of all, a saved Dream upload spot! This is the base package for you if you want to run an enterprise, club, sim, or game Dream!

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City of Angels is reality meets fantasy. Humans, anthros, aliens, mechas, and even things in-between, all co-existing among each-other. The dream itself is a modern day environment with a dash of fantasy around every corner. There are plenty of normal city buildings for roleplay settings and even homes and apartments the residents can customize to live in. We are an open community that welcomes roleplayers and non roleplayers in our free-for-all environment. Canon characters from any movie/book/TV show are invited to join the roleplay! Original characters are loved! Don't like to Roleplay? Then just hang out with the OOC!This place…
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The Harvest Moon is a new RP dream located in FurN. We're currently hiring for many positions, and are always looking forward to meeting new people. Drop by and say hi! Full time IC is not a requirement yet, we've more been social as we meet people and get started. I'll post here when we become fully IC. :)
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The Kingdom of Bealyth is a small island in the West Archipelago in the world of Eldion. A small monarchy, it is ruled by King Ferdinand, Queen Gertrude, and their daughter, Princess Valencia. This small, seemingly peaceful island kingdom has a powerful legacy behind it, one of gods, sin, and creation itself. Beware, for where the light radiates strongly, a darkness lingers...
Welcome to the Death Dancers. Welcome to death itself. Here is a place where sparring is taken to a whole new level. Enjoy the music of the realm while in the midst of battle! 5 different songs are included in this realm to enjoy. It is a place of hell, of fire and brimstone, and where slaves roam. Find pleasure at our blue ' exotic' bar. The red bar is for the straights. Have a drink, have a fight or two, its up to you what you want to do! Any Questions? Contact our RAH, Evelyn Mandermore, Grand Master of…
This is my group, uh, and it's awesome. If you're in it, you're awesome. Group Membership is by Invitation Only.
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Hello! Welcome to Wilderness Homes! One of Furcadia's newer BAH's. Wilderness Homes was created in 2013 by Caitlyn and Aviant, revamped in 2014 by Caitlyn, and now owned by Caitlyn. It is definitely one of the friendliest and most welcoming dreams in all of Furcadia.
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