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This is the same Dream Package that we've had for years with many new features at no extra cost. You now get your own searchable web page with member management, custom desctags to give out to all your members, channel features to keep in touch, and even free advertising for your group! You still get even more Local Species, extra Dream space, more DS, and best of all, a saved Dream upload spot! This is the base package for you if you want to run an enterprise, club, sim, or game Dream!

Welcome to Silent Hill. A Furcadia dream based on the Silent Hill game series. Please note that we welcome all species and RP types. Â
OOCly, Castle Capture is your standard base capture dream, but with a medieval setting. ICly, the dream is set in the country known as Karo, A land bordered on two sides by a volcanic mountain range, and on the other two by a vast ocean and a long expanse of windswept hills. Within these borders is a large plain split in half by a river, geographically, and split in six elsewise by the six noble Karoni families. Click the 'about' button to read more about Karo!
X-Men is a role play mutant community based around the golden-age of marvel comics. Our timeline is approximately 1963, and follows the events post the latest X-Men movie, First Class. Our community attempts to merge select elements from the comics, tv series, and movies together to give our players the best experience. We allow our members to create many unique and diverse original characters, and we also have a wide selection of canon characters who are still available for playing. We also accept canon characters from the Marvel universe as well as the DC universe, but keep in mind that…
Online Multiplayer Gaming, or OMG, is a hangout for videogamers on Furcadia. Â More than just a friendly place to relax and chat with other furres, OMG offers a wide range of things for gamers to do! Find like-minded furres using our search feature, register your favorite games and platforms, play free games listed in our library, and participate in events like trivia quizzes and live Let's Plays! You can even earn achievements and level up inside the dream, so come check us out!
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