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Registered Groups are FREE group packages that can be yours by signing up with just 5 founding members. You will get a customizable webpage on, to tell others about your group; member list, automatically updated with everyone who joins; and your group will be listed with the other Group Packages for searching on the web! You will also get Rah and Taneest crowns in descriptions with a link to your page! These free features will let people find your group and learn what you are about, and most importantly help your group grow!


A strict, Closed, Feral RP group, based around the continuation of the family and members in The Vale         Wardruna began as a simple family with its patriarch Fighter, and the lovely ladies Mercyand Gulla. It has now flourished with their children, expanding their numbers and laying the foundation as the pack begins to rise.As the bloodlines begin to flow, it is apparent that red eyes and black masks are becoming the signature traits of the Wardruna wolves.As a relatively new and still-growing pack, the official ranks remain incomplete, allowing nature to take…
Arazoa's land is vast and large, the land is centered on a coast thousands of miles away from a distant volcano. The old mountain still smokes now and then, but it does not stir, it sits high up with a massive mountain range passing up to the north. The peaks are covered in snow, but soon tapper off into a cliff side peak with hidden areas to explore. Following the lowered cliff and uphill is green inland which lead to large water stores. Teeming with fish, these water stores feed into much bigger rivers that flow down south into a…
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Lots of love from Javan! :D
This registered group is currently being repurposed! We have a new RP group called Blackridge, which is going to be used for all our RP group memberships instead, go check that out!
A personal group for myself and my artwork. I will release art sales that will only be available to group members through announcements.
You step into the forest, it smells new. The fate of the forest, now lies in your paws.  This Warriors-themed RP dream features the same map from the books, but at the very beginning. All 5 Clans have just been formed, each taking a clearing for a camp for their followers. It is up to them (and you!) to decide the fate of the forest.  Will you fight for your clan?
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This is a new group page. Nothing has been written about this group yet.
The Haven is a Help Guild established by quite a few veterans and furres that believe Furcadia can (and will) be more. More what you ask? More than just a game where people spend hours playing with no regard for the next person. The Haven Guild believes that there is a true merit to this \game\ and which to help create a world where everyone is treated equal. Our goal is to assist in furthering the knowledge and education of every furre (old and new), as well as cross platforming our teachings to include other worlds and communities.
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