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Registered Groups are FREE group packages that can be yours by signing up with just 5 founding members. You will get a customizable webpage on, to tell others about your group; member list, automatically updated with everyone who joins; and your group will be listed with the other Group Packages for searching on the web! You will also get Rah and Taneest crowns in descriptions with a link to your page! These free features will let people find your group and learn what you are about, and most importantly help your group grow!


Just a group for my friends and I, you may join! But I will only accept if I've met you.
Hongu is a place where Kitsune and other fox spirits dwell in safety and comfort.Hongu translates to "Home Shrine", and here, it is a sort of pocket haven for kitsune. We can be found at furc://hongu:kitsunerp/ and the dream is located in FurN by the Fountain of Bunnylon! ---- Click "About" above for more information. ----
Join the Egg Brigade! Sport an adorable Tamago Shiba in your description and tell your friends!
Oops! It seems that Warriors' of the Dawn has closed down for the time being.. Feel free to keep the description tag however :3
The Seiki Gardens is a little hangout spot where feral and anthro can simply hang out with one another. There is no strict roleplay, no strict ooc. It's a place where friends can relax, meet other furres. Place where you can kick up your paws and have a great time.
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The township of Rainbow Bay sits nestled on the edge of a vast forest, bordering a beautiful bay. The Bay welcomes all travelers, so feel free to stop in and say hello. Though the Bay itself exists in a swords and sorcery, medieval-type setting, its residents hail from all sorts of different places with different levels of technology. Some say this is because the Bay exists as some sort of dimensional nexus- There is always a Bay, no matter where you are- but some say this idea is simply foolish. Nobody knows for sure.
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This is a sub-group of "New Versailles." In order to join, you must be a member (not a novice) of the main group, which you can find under the World Package menu! We're located at furc://newversailles in New FurN.
Welcome to Spiritus Astrum, floating isles high above the world nestled in among the stars and home to Syntharia Val'estraa. A mystical place once only thought of as a myth now opened to the world below giving all creatures a place to come and relax. Currently being reconstructed for both Anthro & Feral alike TSA will give a home to everyone whether you are an Anthro looking for somewhere to relax, or a Feral looking for packlands to call home. If you are interested in hearing more about TSA just give Syntharia Val'estraa a whisper in game, or if you…
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