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This is a group for those who are a part of The Dane's household, folks associated with him, or just folks that are welcome to come on in and chill.
Equestria Girls Equestria Girls is dream based on alternate human universe from MLP:FIM that is seen in the Movies Equestria Girls & Rainbow Rocks. The way into this world from the Pony world is a mirror in Twilight Sparkles castle in Ponyville. In this world there is a Human or Animal form of every creature in the My Little Pony World. Most of the RP happens in Canterlot High. Home of the Wonder Colts. This dream in a fan based dream and allows for Humans to take forms and be a part of the RP we accept Cannon and OC's…
Irenic Thicket is a free-form fantasy role-play dream predominantly centered around feral creatures mythical, factual and otherwise!
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The Kamigo Bathhouse & Inn is a roleplay dream that welcomes characters of all shapes and sizes to bathe in its famous, magical, life-extending waters. Please see our other tabs for more in depth information. We're currently building the dream, but while we do so we're looking for supporters! Thanks, and we hope to see you in Furcadia!
Mystic Homes is Furcadia's longest running build-a-home, featuring spacious empty lots allowing for full customization of your dream house! Literally build your home from the ground up using items, floors, effects, walls and teleports. In addition to decorating, MH features many fun activities such as farming, cooking and crafting. Group membership is open to all, with members receiving access to local species, estates, and an exclusive desctag. We ask that you limit group membership and lot ownership to a single character (i.e. no alts please).
For anyone and everyone who loves Contingency's artwork, and of course Contingency herself!!
This is a group for the artist Tar Pit.
Land of the free, and home of the brave! A melting pot of cultures, brandishing dreams, unique ideas, and prosperous futures lie here. Let your patriotic pennant wave for all to see!
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