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This is the same Dream Package that we've had for years with many new features at no extra cost. You now get your own searchable web page with member management, custom desctags to give out to all your members, channel features to keep in touch, and even free advertising for your group! You still get even more Local Species, extra Dream space, more DS, and best of all, a saved Dream upload spot! This is the base package for you if you want to run an enterprise, club, sim, or game Dream!

The Kinky Kitty was established May 11, 2011 and is a great and friendly place for all species and genders! furc://thekinkykitty:hermsexclubhiring/ Currently there 100 members and counting! (Last counted: April 12, 2015) THREE YEARS OF SEXY FUN & NAUGHTY MISCHIEF AND STILL STANDING STRONG!
Fallout: Equestria borrows elements from the successful video game franchise Fallout and combines them with the cutesy-utsey tales of love and friendship found in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic -- and the result, though bizarre, is somewhat strangely satisfying. Join our group of drunken gun-totin' cry baby ponies on their wild adventures across post-apocalyptic Equestria, as they encounter death, despair, and drug addiction, all while discovering that friendship truly is magic. This is not the My Little Pony you think you know, but it's up to you to decide if that's a good thing or not.
Welcome to The Lost Forest. The Lost Forest  is a Feral dream open to all walks of life. We offer a vast map with mountains, ocean, lakes and rivers, forests and even snowy biomes! As always we have private and pack dens open for claim absolutely free! Our goal is to provide a fun and active roleplay environment with the use of the Dream Editor, Dragon Speak, music and sounds. You will find this dream to be suitable for casual or even the most serious role players. Backed by a crack team of editors and dream staff you will…
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We have Been Around for about 14+ years now. I'll get around to doing this page later.
Furcadia's longest running Marvel Comics RP continuity! A lot of people may know us under a variety of different dream names, including Mutant Academy, Tyme's Institute for the Gifted and, more recently, as Darien City. Now, under the new name of Mutant Exodus, with a new Rah and a new map in the pipeline, our dream and continuity has been streamlined to allow new players to jump right into the action! Now recruiting new members!
The Caribbean Canopy Club (CCC or '3C' for short) is a tropical vacation resort based in a modern high fantasy world. We are located in FurN but have an emphasis on clean cheeky fun. Originally opened some time in late 2004, 3C has undergone many updates and face changes over the years, including a complete overhaul in 2009 to make use of the (then) newly released phoenix speak data storage to create a unique economy that rewards people for hanging out in the dream! And another one in early 2013 to update the property system to use Regions. Â There…
One of the older guilds of Furcadia, ADM launched many a person into becoming serious artists on their own and several former members now run their own guilds.
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