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A Sub-Group for the dream, New Versailles. Â You must be a member of that group in order to use this one. Â Created for the zombies, mummies, ghosts, and any of the walking dead.
A daedric subgroup for a work-in-progress Elder Scrolls Skyrim/Oblivion RP, shhh!
Closed group for the alts of the owners of New Versailles, a modern human/supernatural A18+ guild located in Furrabian Nights.
A tiny hangout where Anthro's and Ferals can find relaxation. Be lazy, take up some role play. This little spot is where a furry can simply hang out with friends. Make new ones, meet up with old ones. Whatever the case maybe. Furry Nook is a place to simply be yourself. So, come on down and enjoy what we have. :3
The small village of Alteria lies at an attractive nexus point for trade routes. Soon potent magicians and technicians settled in the growing town. At the peak of its power, a great catastrophe came upon it. The plague. The once uprising city became the coffin for thousands. Now, 40 years later, the plague has been successfully expelled. The gates to the city are open, inviting adventurers and newcomers, Who will come to solve the mysteries in Alteria? ~~~Link to our own page is in the Tab 2 ("About").~~~
This is a new group page. Nothing has been written about this group yet.
This group has been created so that the Hobo nation can meet and converse among each other.
The Joint is an RP/Social hazy haven for any and all creatures 18+ OOC whom enjoy a lifestyle involving cannabis. Whether it be ingesting by any means for recreational purpose, supporting its medicinal effects of alleviating many ailments, or even interested in the benefits of hemp for industrial use, we welcome all who are fans of Green!
Praise Thee Oh Blessed Helix Who Doth Guide Me Past The Ledge
This is a social group I had made for my friends and I to enjoy. If you want to join I'll have had to have met your first!--- This group is for mostly chat, roleplay, and pretty much anything else you'd like.
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