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There's a World of possibilities with this package! This is the best package available with 60 local species, a 450x450 size map, 20,000 lines of DS, a staggering 3,000 possible members, 6 group member levels each with their own custom badge, chat and broadcast channels, and all the options on the Group page! In addition to all of that, we will soon be implementing custom upload portals to really make your dream stand out! Coming soon as well will be the ability to load two normal sized dreams inside your main dream that share the same PS database and allow the same number of locals! This is like having a whole game world for you and your Group!

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Join us on a journey of the mind to the City of Eternal Sky, a civilization in the dimension of the Dragons. Â What if the Dragons were more than a mere tale of fantasy? Â What if they once walked the Earth, only to disappear from the realm of the physical? Â The Dragons of Eternal Sky: a fantastic tale, a friendly community, and a challenging game, all in one dream. Visit today! furc://ninja Also be sure to listen to our broadcast channel: =eternalsky
PokeLegend is a dream made by Xillor that has been around since 2011. It was inspired by Game Freak's popular Pokemon series. The dream features battling, training, catching, evolving, hatching, and customizing Pokemon. There are over 450 Pokemon for you to build a team of 3 with. This allows for strategy building (with combinations of over 100 moves) and competitive battling. We hold tournaments seasonally which yield huge prizes including in-dream rarities and sometimes also GDs and Digos! Come check us out! We're located in Allegria Island Northeast of the fountain to the Southwest of the main hall. You can…
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Welcome to Furcadia Fans! We are a social group who has been going since December 2009 to promote Furcadia and engage the players into social and fun activities, so we may all enjoy this game we love. Previously, we have hosted Raffles, Secret Santas, and even real-life meet ups! Our goal is to give back to the playerbase and get Furcadia more well known into the world. Stick around for more events and fun adventures - as we are bringing this group back to life, a variety of fun things will come out of it, we promise! Feel free to…
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Club Nimbus is a fantasy/steampunk dream where avians rule the roost. High above the clouds, just past the ruins of Zephiroth, lie the fabled Isles of Nimbaterra. Club Nimbus was founded upon these mystical isles and hosts many exciting roleplay areas including a Stage, Opium Den, Ballroom, Dungeon, Chapel, Sky Gardens, Rooftop, Blacksmith's Forge, Ice Caverns, Dining Hall, Medical Clinic, Library, Bath House and much more. Vending machines in the basement dispense over 50 different items including pillows, plushies, enchanted objects and more! Sky Gardens span across the floating isles of Nimbaterra, connected by bridge. Our bar has an interactive…
Welcome to Isles Serail, where islands float amongst stars. More info in the link:
~~~* SilverSouls Castle is a strict-RP guild with a friendly staff and a great group of players. We don't tolerate OOC drama and we all work to avoid cliques. It is a medieval setting (anything pre-gunpowder is allowed) as well as fantasy, allowing many types of characters and interactions, including humans, furres, dragons and faeries. We have both the castle with all the various jobs, as well as a darker, underground cave system for monsters and villains. We have a wonderful FindRP function that allows you to find and teleport to guaranteed-to-be active RPers and IC scenes, as well as…
The Carmine Bordello is an adult only dream located in Furrabian Nights. We upload in the Palace Courtyard, near the F3 Landing zone. You may also `join thecarminebordello to be summoned into the dream. Players must be 18 years of age or older and characters must be 16 years of age or older to be in The Carmine Bordello. The Carmine Bordello is a sister dream to The Golden Tether.
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