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There's a World of possibilities with this package! This is the best package available with 60 local species, a 450x450 size map, 20,000 lines of DS, a staggering 3,000 possible members, 6 group member levels each with their own custom badge, chat and broadcast channels, and all the options on the Group page! In addition to all of that, we will soon be implementing custom upload portals to really make your dream stand out! Coming soon as well will be the ability to load two normal sized dreams inside your main dream that share the same PS database and allow the same number of locals! This is like having a whole game world for you and your Group!

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Equestria is the longest running MLP dream on Furcadia. It was Founded Dec 2012 to give all MLP fans a friendly and safe place to RP as MLP Chars. Equestria is one of the only MLP dreams that is set up with fully custom patching, Avatars, Ports, and Skin. When done Equestria will host 3 subdream when complete. We will include lots of extras for everypony to enjoy also. Including events that was in the show and more. The Dream owner Lauren Faust hopes you enjoy your time in Equestria and if there is anything you need help with feel…
Feral Utopia We are a Realistic Feral Dream in AI. We are Currently Running on the World Dream Package and Have the Woodland Area Compleate. We have lots of areas we will be including into this dream. They Include and are not limited to: Desert, Meadow, Savanna, Taigia, Tundra, Wetlands, Mountain Ranges, Volcanic, Rainforest, Woodland, Coastline, Shrubland, Jungle, & Polar. We hope in adding all these areas to the dream we will be able to host any and all realistic breeds and species of animals in Utopia. So have a look at the site and come back and look around…
Far to the north, within the regions of snowy mountains, lies a castle hidden within the valley. Its location cannot be traced by muggle nor by magic.The happenings within and misuse of magic cannot be detected by law. Winter will never pass, and the climate will never be above freezing. The sun and its warmth are but a distant memory, fading into the darkness that is this place.To be able to defeat something, you must understand it. The school of magic specializes in the Dark Arts, no other place dare to expose the world’s youth to such knowledge for fear…
Oakwell is a work in progress. It will be a giant interactive quest based RPG with optional in character roleplaying. Come visit at furc://Oakwell
Welcome to the Emerald Sanctuary. Want to meet new people?, Don't want to be discriminated? Want to go somewhere to relax and have a good time? Head into The Emerald Sanctuary and be greeted by friendly staff and patrons alike [roleplay & social welcome]
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The Land of Equestria is a glittering jewel of peace and carefully maintained harmony, ruled by the diarchs of the sun and moon. Under their careful tending, Equestria has blossomed into a thriving country full of many different ponies and creatures all living together. Though the day by day is prone to random disasters or small chaotic events set in motion by one thing or another, it is a pleasant and rich land underlaid by darker activities and left over forces from days of yore. There are many other lands to be found in this world, but it all starts…
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Looking to fulfill your carnal desires of feral on furry? Are you feral and looking for a stable place to mate? Look no further! The Bestiary is an adults only dream aimed at providing a mature and adult atmosphere in which adults (both feral and furry) can find love and lust all under one roof. We offer private rooms for your many delights in a wide array of styles. Or for the more adventurous, there's public mating displays in certain parts of the dream. Basic socializing happens in the main entryway where most people gather to exchange conversation.
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