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Felorin's Birthday Party - You Are Invited!'s Felorin's birthday today! Come join the party in the Spring Festival Dream starting up at 1:00 PM FST! We'll also be making a birthday collage but shh it's a secret! ;) Pick out (or draw!) a fun picture of a cat/birthday day for Felorin along with a birthday message to bring along this afternoon! Don't forget it's Free Digo Day too so your party outfit is cooovered! We'll post some pictures after the event, if you can't make it -- but it would be awesome to see you there!

Phoekin Kindling, take two!

It's really happening, we promise! The Phoekin arrives in Furcadia FOR REAL tomorrow night! No joke, just flittery, flowery fun! Tuesday, April 16th at 5:00pm FST in Jujinka's Spring Festival!

When: Tuesday, April 16th

Time: 5:00pm FST

Where: Jujinka's Spring Festival

Rise of Ctrollu!

What started out this past Monday evening as the official welcoming of Spring and the exciting arrival of a beautiful and vibrant new Minkin to Furcadia, quickly turned to confusion and chaos just as Prime Jujinka was about to release her kindling magic upon the waiting Dragon's Breath Orbs.

Read more: Rise of Ctrollu!

Phoekin Kindling!

Like the cycle of the phoenix, life blossoms anew from the ashes of Winter as Spring arrives in Furcadia. Few are as delighted by this rebirth than the sprightly Phoekin, who have finally decided to make their presence known to all who reside in Kasuria. You're invited to welcome these glorious little beings into our midst this Monday, April 1st at 5:30pm FST in Jujinka's Spring Festival! Rumor has it the lovely Lady in Green herself may be flitting about among the blooms for the occasion too!

When: Monday, April 1st

Time: 5:30pm FST

Where: Jujinka's Spring Festival

Catching Stars Raffle Winners!

Excitement! This past Tuesday, February 19th, Felorin and Emerald Flame hosted a high energy party to hand out the prizes from the Catching Stars Raffle. A large and upbeat crowd gathered early, cheering and congratulating the winners as their names were drawn. In case you missed the fun, or want a recap of who won what, see below!

Avatar Space

Winner 1: Otto Von Chillhelm III

Winner 2: Eskimo

Winner 3: Malicious

Gloaming FOR LIFE

Winner 1: Escanor

Winner 2: Laela

Winner 3: Serj

Gold Sponsorship FOR LIFE

Winner 1: Zaboo

Winner 2: Soleil

Winner 3: AzKai

Winner 4: Koolpin

Dream Package FOR LIFE

Winner 1: Mandei

Winner 2: Dark Genesys

Winner 3: Laela

Silver Sponsorship FOR LIFE

Winner 1: Armageddon

Winner 2: Gorslax

Winner 3: Germaine Furbien

Exclusive Turf

Winner 1: Archery

Winner 2: AzKai

Winner 3: Winter

World Package

Winner 1: Rangiku

Winner 2: Troy L

Quarter Prime Status

Winner: The Shadow Rider

As a surprise bonus, a special Catching Stars themed specitag -- FOR LIFE -- was announced during the ceremony to commemorate the event! You can pick one up on Digo Market now; however everyone who participated in the Catching Stars Raffle received one for FREE as a thank you!* Specitags can be turned on and cycled through just like portrait spaces. Simply type `specitag # to activate them, and `specitag by itself to turn them off.

Congratulations to all our winners, and a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Catching Stars Raffle! Your support of Furcadia is truly appreciated, and so very heartwarming.

*These specitags were awarded to everyone with at least 1 Gold Star in their description from purchase of an item during the Annual Winter Sale. If you have not received your free FOR LIFE Catching Stars specitag, please contact Glaciess for assistance.

Catching Stars Raffle Draw!

Every year our annual Winter Sale sees amazing deals on all our regular avatars, most for up to 70% off! This year the purchase of any item from the sale came with 1-3 Golden Stars, each of which counted as an entry into a super exciting raffle of epic proportions! With some truly rare and unique prizes up for grabs -- such as Avatar Spaces, Quarter Prime status, and World Packages FOR LIFE -- the excitement is absolutely palpable. See the full pool of prizes here!

With the Winter Sale wrapping up last week, all the entries are now counted and added into the draw! The time we've all been waiting for has arrived; the prize draws will take place this Tuesday, February 19th at 5pm FST in Danival's Winter Festival! Emerald Flame and Felorin will be on hand to announce the winners, so be sure to arrive to the stage early cause seats will fill up fast!

Good luck, and thank you for participating in our Catching Stars Raffle!

When: Tuesday, February 19th

Time: 5pm FST

Where: Stage area in Danival's Winter Festival

Lunar New Year ft. Piggen Kindling!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Lunar New Year! Get ready to party like a Piggen to ring in the Year of the Pig!

This adorable little oinker is all set to flop into our hearts as our official mascot for this years annual Dragon (Piggen!) Dance through Furcadia, complete with fireworks and fancy footwork. The party kicks off at 5:30pm FST in the beautiful Sweetheart Ball Dream within Danival's Winter Festival. Oink oink oink!

When: Tuesday, February 5th

Time: 5:30pm FST

Where: Sweetheart Ball Dream in Danival's Winter Festival

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