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The First of May!

Ah, Spring. Take a deep breath in! The air is heavy with the scent of all things green and growing, life anew after the cold and bitter Winter months. Invigorating, isn't it? *ah-CHOO!* Er, well, unless of course you suffer from seasonal allergies, but hey! It's still beautiful to look at!

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Happy Earth Day!

It's time to take a moment to send love out to this beautiful blue and green galactic marble we call home -- our beloved Earth! We hope you'll join us in taking steps today to ensure we leave a clean and healthy planet for future generations to inherit and care for.

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Turning Back the Clock on 2020

Across the lands the new year has come trundling in like an angry curcupine, unsettling the balance and instilling uncertainty and fear into the hearts and minds of Kasurians near and far. The Dragon, growing more dismayed as the tumultuous weeks have unfolded, has taken it upon his/herself to provide a much needed respite from the chaos for all within The Dreaming.

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St. Patty's Day!

Erin go Bragh!

Do you enjoy wearing green, drinking brew, and chasing tiny chortling green-clad furres for their pot of gold?! Of course you do, and we do too!

Drop on by ye olde Mycroft's Tavern in Meovanni this Tuesday, March 17th as the Eventers celebrate everything that is St. Patrick's Day.

Looking for something festive to wear to the party? Digo Market is chock full of awesome St. Patrick's Day deals on items and costumes!

Where: Mycroft's Tavern, Meovanni

When: Tuesday, March 17th

Time: 5pm FST

Sweetheart Ball!

February is here, the time to celebrate all forms of love!

This means our annual Sweetheart Ball is just around the corner! Always our most highly-anticipated celebration of the year, here are the details of the 3 different nights of activities -- Single's Night, Friendship Night, and the Sweetheart Ball itself!

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Lunar New Year 2020!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Lunar New Year! Ready for a party? Come celebrate with cheeky rat-themed trivia, follow by our annual Dragon Dance through Furcadia at 4pm FST, complete with fireworks and fancy footwork.

2020 is the Year of the Rat so we encourage participants to come decked out in their squeakiest attire ready to skitter skitter in the new year! The fun kicks off in the Eventers Enclave of Naia Green; see you there!

What: Lunar New Year Trivia and Dragon Dance

Where: Starting in Naia Green

When: 4pm FST

ManedWuff Kindling!

Legs for daaaaays!

The ManedWuff struts it's stuff into Furcadia THIS Saturday, January 11th at 4pm FST in the Savannah area of The Wylde! That means the presale on DigoMarket will soon disappear, along with your chance to get the exclusive FOR LIFE desctag, so grab one up before they're gone!


When: Saturday, January 11, 2020.

Where: The Savannah area of The Wylde

Time: 4pm FST

[BTS] with Gherkin!

Today I decided to bring you something slightly different! In an attempt to spotlight some of the amazing and talented furres in Furcadia, I bring you Behind the Scenes (BTS)! Today we will be doing an artist spotlight. Recently, I have seen a lot of buzz and compliments to a particular artist's portraits, and decided to reach out!

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