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Web Client Early Access

Furcadia's new Web Client is ready for serious testers!

Want to be one of the first to go where few have gone before? Eager to explore a new frontier, and willing to report back your findings? Unafraid of bugs that may make your fur stand up?

You may just be the hero we are looking for!

The Furcadia Web Client is a brand new, completely written from scratch HTML5/WebGL client, does not require Flash at all, and runs in all standard web browsers. It is aimed at desktop/laptop computers, but will also work in browsers on many tablets and phones. You'll be able to play Furcadia like normal, but now on all these devices! No installation required!

The Web Client is heavily in development, so there will usually be updates several times a day. It's not finished, but it is ready for brave souls like you!

Who can request access?

For this first round of closed testing, you must:

  • Have a Furcadia Account with characters on it (INI files won't work).
  • Be at least an Angelcat / Direhound Playtester level or higher supporter. (We promised you would get to test it first!)
  • Be able to give constructive feedback and not expect a finished product.

Do you meet these requirements and want to embark on a webful journey?

Great! We want you! Send us a support ticket and let us know you want to help test! You can pick any category, just mention "testing" or "web client" in the subject.

We'll send you back a letter with further information and access details within 24 hours! Please do not whisper staff or ask Beekins if your request was received. You'll get a response within a day!

New Wrapping Paper!

Have you ever wished you could nicely wrap up gifts for your friends and loved ones before sending them? Now you can!

In time for the holidays, we have a brand new feature: Wrapping Paper!

Gift Box desctags

Red Wrapping Paper

Starting now, you can buy Wrapping Paper in 4 colors: Red, Pink, Purple, and Black. Unused Wrapping Paper is stored on your Character similarly to Roses and Snugs. If you have Wrapping Paper, you can package any Digo avatar, DragonScales (at least 10 GD), or a Portrait space and give a nicely wrapped box to another Character -- with a personal message!

The gift box will show up in the recipient's description. Then the recipient can open the box either any time, or a date the sender specifies. Until the recipient opens the gift box, they can also be a brand new Present avatar!

Read more about how to use Wrapping paper.

Buy Wrapping Paper on Digo Market!

Legends of Gaming Livestream

Legends of Gaming Livestream

It's the Furcadia 20th Anniversary with Legends of Gaming Live Stream, on Saturday December 17th!

Can you believe it? Furcadia's turning twenty! Two decades of pioneering, World Record awarded social online gaming, user created content, and lots of tails! In celebration of this meowvelous milestone in online history, Felorin (Doctor Cat) will be hosting an all day Twitch stream full of the people who created the video game industry & even early pen & paper and board games!

He will spend the day chatting live with such illustrious guests as:

  • Tim Brengle (EA, Accolade, GDC)
  • Raph Koster (Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies)
  • Brad McQuaid (Everquest)
  • Graeme Devine (7th Guest, Quake 3, Magic Leap)
  • John Taylor (Islands of Kesmai, Air Warrior)
  • David Fox (Maniac Mansion)
  • Jeff Dee (D&D, Villains & Vigilantes, Sims Castaway Stories)
  • Bob Bates (Unreal 2, Spellcasting 101, Spiderman 3)
  • Scott Miller (Max Payne, Duke Nukem 3D, 3D Realms)
  • Richard Bartle (MUD, MUD 2)
  • Talzhemir (Furcadia co-creator, Cavemaster, Bethorm, Quicksilver)
  • Randy Farmer (Habitat)
  • Chip Morningstar (Habitat)
  • Robert Clardy (Synergistic Software)
  • Scott Adams (Adventure International)
  • The Fat Man (The 7th Guest, 11th Hour)
  • Dave Rohrl (Plants vs. Zombies)
  • Dewi Morgan (Doom Editing Utilities, Furcadia)
  • James Ernest (Cheapass Games, Kill Dr. Lucky)
  • Ken Peczkowski (Griffon Bookstore, 40 year old public gameroom!

Maybe list (need to check their schedule, will move to above list when confirmed):

  • Jason Kopalka (Popcap Games, Storm Crow Gamer's Tavern)
  • Lord British (Ultima, Shroud of the Avatar)
  • John Romero (Doom, Quake)
  • Brenda Romero (Wizardry, Train)
  • Tim Schafer (Brutal Legend, Psychonauts)
  • Eric Goldberg (Paranoia, MadMaze, Tales of the Arabian Nights)

Check the full list at & get all the event info. Come watch at as we discuss the history of gaming from the earliest days to the present, with these Veterans of Game Design!

Optional Update and New Features!

We heard you wanted an update for your update, so we rolled out an update for the update!

It's available now! The optional update 31b ("Dreaming of Bugfixes") delivers a large number of fixes, improvements, and features!


  • Improved performance and speed in both the game client and the editors! Up to 50% lower CPU usage!
  • Last position and size of the game window are now recalled!
  • More gendered Avatars! The Harten got two new sets of antlers for male/unspecified, the male Woolie got horns, and the Leonen now has a female form and a half mane option!
  • Improvements for DreamED and FurED!
  • More verbose error messages!
  • Portrait download and login errors fixed!
  • Numerous bug fixes, behind-the-scenes improvements, and fine-tuning!

Read the README file (included in the update, you can choose to view it after installing) for a list of all changes and improvements!

Update 31b is optional, but we highly recommend that you install it! You'll get prompted for the update when you log into the game.

Problems? Post to the Technical Support section on the forum or submit a support ticket!

Furcadia in the press!

Our successful 32-bit update (part 1, much more is coming!) has attracted the attention of journalists! ASUS, a leading gaming hardware manufacturer, named Furcadia as one of the 8 Games That Changed How We Play! One of the biggest gaming web sites on the internet, Kotaku, featured Furcadia on their front page and talks about the challenges of keeping a social MMO up and running for soon 20 years! Check out these articles and let us know if you find other press reports about Furcadia!

P.S. If you missed our Town Meeting, we have posted the announcements section over on the forum. Learn about all the new things that are coming your way! There's also full video coverage of the meeting.

Town Meeting

We're holding a Town Meeting on September 17, 4:00 PM FST! It's your chance to ask us (almost) anything related to Furcadia and The Second Dreaming! There will be a special Dream for this event, though the Town Meeting will also be broadcast on the Events Channel (type =event to toggle it).

We hope to see you there!

Bug fixes, Tutorials, and 32bit patch releases!

It's official: Update 31a is a success!

We've prepared the 32bit patch releases for FurN and Allegria Island, as well as created a lore-based story behind the creation of AI, so feel free to check those out!

Many have asked about Tutorials so I'd like to mention that we have an official Youtube channel and a playlist dedicated to tutorials! We cover how to create an Account and how to create and edit your characters. For Dreamweavers there's 2 tutorials about 32bit remapping, and one of them covers how to convert old style avatars to 32bit remapping!

We also have a web-based tutorial for those looking to quickly modernize their Dream! The community is welcome to make tutorials too, as things are figured out! (PS. We postponed the drawing of the raffle to later in the month. Details soon!)

Bug Fixes since Update 31a

Our dev team has also been hard at work fixing some issues which cropped up after the update went live! Here's a partial list of what's been fixed so far.

Server fixes:

  • Fixed the spontaneous Heimdall restarts that were knocking people offline right after the update
  • Fixed an issue where some users randomly had their portrait turn off
  • Default Hyooman DS params fixed
  • Moved downloads to s3 servers

FurEd fixes:

  • Your in-game appearance now updates correctly when you save a costume
  • Magic forms and custom avatars no longer show a “file not found” error
  • A meaningful error message is shown when you try to create a character using an unavailable name
  • Newly created characters are now usable through legacy web services (by using the character name and account password)

Web fixes:

  • Legacy web services and Digo Market now accept account passwords in place of character passwords
  • Account password reset should no longer give “Invalid email address” error
  • Import character function added to the My Den menu

Digo Market fixes:

  • Rainchecked orders now activate instantly after they have been paid through PayPal
  • Subscription renewals now work in a more reliable fashion

Map / Art fixes:

  • Digo remap fixes on several avatars, butlers, and portraits (will be in the next client)
  • Positioning fixes on a couple of default patch objects (will be in the next client)
  • Several main map bug fixes

Land Rush in New Allegria Island

New AI Beach scene

You can now submit reservations for Turf and Dream Upload spots in New Allegria Island!

If you are the owner of a Turf, there is now a one-time chance to move your existing Turf to the new AI map. You can also purchase a new Exclusive Turf and reserve a spot in AI. Likewise, if you are the holder of a Dream Package, Realm Package, or World Package, you can now submit your reservation for an upload portal in New AI. The red upload pads currently on the map are suggested Group Package upload locations. You can choose from them or other locations on the map.

Please send us your submission through the ticket system. Don't forget to include a screenshot that clearly shows the location that you would like to reserve and include a secondary location in case it is taken. If you have a previous reserved spot on another map, please include a screenshot of that also. Note that all spots require approval by DEP staff. Some areas are not available for Turfs. We'll let you know whether your chosen spot is available, taken, or unavailable.

Turfs and reserved upload pads/portals will only be added to the game on the day when the New AI is released to Live World (or shortly after). If you have any questions, please send us a ticket. :)

Test and Win!

It's not just the weather that's heating up! Work on update 31 has been intense in the recent months and we are getting ready to release it to Live World!

We want to make this update as good as we can, and we need help -- your help! -- with testing the update in the Second Dreaming World! There is a lot to test: from maps and dreams (especially your own!) to character creation and logging in, everything needs an experienced look by you!

Read this post on how to download and use the preview version!

To make it worth your while and say Thank You, we are holding a special Second Dreaming Raffle with very attractive prizes.

What you can win:

1 x Renowned Avatar Package
1 x Dreamer Domain Package
1 x Golden Dragon Package
3 x Golden Alchemy Package
3 x Gloaming Conjurer Package
5 x ArchAngelcat Package
5 x Eternal Direhound Package

How to enter:

There are two ways to enter this raffle:

- Upload your dream in the New Alegria Island in the Second Dreaming World. Place your character next to the portal and press TAB so that your character name is visible. Take a screenshot ("F" tab) and submit it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This yields you one entry into the raffle. Only one submission per person is allowed! Your character must be on a Furcadia CMS/Web Account- If you have none, you can create one! Please make a backup copy of every dream you upload!

- Report a new, reproducible bug in the Bug Report thread here. The first person to report a new, reproducible bug that has not been found or reported yet, will get an additional entry into the raffle. This is per bug. A player can get multiple raffle entries by reporting multiple eligible bug reports. Whether a bug report is eligible is decided at the sole discretion of Dragon Eye's Productions staff. Click here for information on how to report bugs! You need to log into the forum with your character (not account) credentials. You can upload screenshots directly in the forum thread or include a link to Imgur, Tinypic, or other sites.

The rules in a nutshell: Only one screenshot submission per player is allowed. If you send in more, you'll be disqualified. DEP Staff and Team Dragon Members are excluded from participation. You must have a Furcadia Web/CMS account. The raffle ends on August 1st, 2016. Winners will be announced on or before August 15, 2016.

If you have any question about this raffle, please submit a ticket at

Account E-Mail