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Felorin's Birthday Party!

The second day of June is Felorin's birthday!

We'll be celebrating this event with a fun party this Friday at 4:00 PM FST as well as Free Digo Day! We'll gather by the large tower in Challenge Resort!

Join Furcadia's Creator, staff and fellow players for a couple of entertaining hours of socializing and playing games!

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Cabbit Kindling

Cabbit Kindle

The Cabbit is ready to play with you all, but first your help is direly needed!

There is a Dark vs Light magic-gathering race between the Dark Prime Erigon and the twin Light Primes Wevvin and Sek taking place! Come and help your chosen side win the right to usher in the bounciest, newest and fabulousest Minkin! Also, the lucky winners of the Create Your Cabbit Contest will be announced and prizes awarded at the Kindling tonight. Don’t miss it!

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Create Your Cabbit Contest!

What’s this? A cute crafty critter casually capering ‘cross Furcadia? Crikey! It’s a Cabbit! glacicabbit

This adorably fluffy mix of cat and rabbit is sure to scamper into your heart, and rumor has it this newest Minkin will soon be appearing all over Furcadia! Want a chance to win your very own, maybe even a...

...Cabbit FOR LIFE?!

Grab your pencils, pens, or tablets and sketch up a rendition of your character as a Cabbit! Please post your entries to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or DeviantArt and tag Furcadia by 11:59pm FST on Wednesday, May 31st. To ensure we don't miss your submission, please do also send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the links to your entries.

As an example, here is a Glaciess Cabbit dancing to her own melody!

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Coming soon: The Cabbit!

Cabbit presale

Often times requested, now coming to your lap: the delightful Cabbit! This newest member of the Minkin family has only been rumored about, but now reports of the first sightings are coming in. This captivating creature of fluffiness is about to make Furcadia its new habitat and you can be one of the first to call it your own!

The Cabbit is a little shy, so it needs your encouragement and support! Head over to the Digo Market and pre-order your very own Cabbit! As a bonus, you will also receive a cute Crystal Daisy desctag FOR LIFE (and of course the Cabbit as soon as it comes out of hiding)!

We'll have a Cabbit contest very soon, so check back for details!

Mother's Day Event Recap

This year's Mother's Day event was quite the success! We held it in the afternoon and had a cozy turnout for so early in the day! We read poems that players submitted, shared photos of cute mommy animals and their offspring as well as of furbabies of players, and just had a great time together! Thanks everyone who participated and attended the event!

Mother's Day 2017 Event

All of the poem submissions were beautiful! Everyone who participated gets the choice between a Catling, Wolfling, or Purrkin avatar. Congratulations!

View Entries

Official Cerdiere Roleplay Event

We had a great time at the official storytelling event for the brand new Cerdiere today! There were so many amazing writers, and we gave out Cerdiere avatars to those who participated in the storyline. You can read the log here!

Don't forget -- you have until May 13th, this Saturday, to turn in your entry for the Mother's Day Poetry contest going on, and you can win an awesome prize!

Poetry Contest

Near or far, a mother’s love is with her children always. mothersday

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, a great way to express admiration and appreciation for these amazing women is with some from-the-heart poetry!

Put together a beautiful flowing haiku, cheeky limerick, clever acrostic, or whatever poetic form works for you!

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Cerdiere Kindling Roleplay Event

Cerdiere Kindling

Some of the most graceful and reclusive of the Elvenfurres, the Cerdiere are ready to venture forth from their secluded society and make themselves known to the other inhabitants of Kasuria. They also come with a brand new Verdant Forest background, which you will soon see in FurEd!

We are hosting a special canon Roleplay storytelling event to officially welcome them into Furcadia Lore. You won't want to miss this!

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May Day Coloring Contest winners!

Thanks for participating in our fun Coloring Contest! Our two winners are: Artist and Dilan! Congrats, you did beautifully! They'll be getting a Yearly Digo of their choice from 2017's hottest and newest avatars: the Cerdiere, SnowWuff, or Raffen!

Chocolace's entry on Twitter Dilan's entry on Twitter

Feeling creative and ready to win awesome prizes? We have a Poetry Contest available this week, too! Check it out and show your skill as a poet to the world!

Get your entry in before Saturday!

Arriba! It's Cinco de Mayo!

May the 4th is over... but the party sure isn't! It's Cinco de Mayo! Time to get your fiesta on! From tacos to sombreros, maracas to mariachi bands, there's a ton of fun to be had! This is an event that many anticipate all year long! And now it's here!

Want to join in on the celebration? You totally can! We're holding our own party tonight, 6pm FST, in the Eventer's Enclave of Naia. There will be lots of goodies, laughs, and even some piñatas to bust open! You won't want to miss out on this one! Ándale!

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