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Wolf Howl Arrives!

Overcome by the sudden urge to Awoooo at the moon? Does the crunch of leaves underfoot fill you with glee? Have you kitterjack-spiced ALL the things? No doubt about it... Wolf Howl has arrived!

This annual festival in honor of Prime Reegarr has lots of eerily entertaining things to see and do, mwahaha!

  • Pick a pumpkin and carve it into the purrfect jack-o-lantern
  • Linger by the moonlit pool to let your inner wolf loose
  • Venture into the haunted mansion to assist an odd, possibly mad, dragon... what could go wrong?
  • Some folks speak of stumbling upon strange Words of Power, but their purpose remains a mystery...
  • And more!

Some fun contests will be announced soon, so keep an eye out here for details!

Living Library 2018 - Recap!

It's been a while since the Living Library event took place, but we still wanted to share a recap with you!

Kono and Different Turret hosted the eighth annual Living Library in Furcadia! If you haven’t attended before or heard of it, Living Library offers an opportunity for participants to share their not always easy lives with fellow Furcadians. It takes a stand against prejudice and is a safe space for sharing as well as mutual learning.

Here are some of the many topics discussed this year: Autism and leadership, gender as a spectrum, being non-binary, living with chronic illness, phone apps to cope with anxiety, and much more! Visiting players found themselves relating to the stories shared, discovering similarities in their own lives, sharing in turn, and realizing that nobody is alone.

Out of respect for the participants, we don't want to share details or retell experiences, these were for the eyes and ears of those who were there, but we were really touched by the community allowing others an honest and open look into their lives, the difficulties, and ways not only to improve one's situation, but also how to turn it into a source of strength and courage.

Furcadia is a unique place in cyberspace, because of you. Thank you to all our amazing volunteers, guests, and Kono and Different Turret for hosting. Until next year! Keep acceptance, love, and compassion close to your heart, always.

Corgen Kindling - Recap

This past Saturday saw the adorable Corgen bound their way into Furcadia!

But what started as a joyful gathering within the Coastal Meadow of The Wylde quickly became a scramble to save the day from the clutches of the Dark Prime Telcodar! The Wylde Fey kitters, whose magic was integral to wakening the Corgen from their Dragon's Breath Orbs slumber, were mysteriously absent... As the crowd peered round in confusion, a peal of sinister laughter echoed from the nearby dark wood. The Dark Prime of Frenzy had bewitched the tiny fey in an attempt to keep their magic from the kindling, compelling them to wander aimlessly along the edges of the Coastal Meadow and Broadleaf Wood, oh no!

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Avatar Artist Spotlight - Corgen

Hello everyone! Today we're introducing a fun new Avatar Artist Spotlight Series!

From time to time we'll be sitting down to interview one of the creative paws behind upcoming/newly released Avatars to get an artist's perspective on the process. From unexpected hiccoughs, to happy accidents, to what snacks really get the creative juices flowing, you never know what you might learn!

Our first guinea-pi... I mean lucky artist, is Jade Ravenwing! Jade was lead designer for the adorable new Corgen!

Read more: Avatar Artist Spotlight - Corgen

Corgen Kindling!


There's nothing like a good sploot! And who are the splootiest sploots that ever splooted? Corgen's! The masters of sploot are ready to show us how it's done Saturday, September 29th at 3pm FST in the Coastal Meadow of The Wylde!

Read more: Corgen Kindling!

Specitag and Short Story Contest Winners

The results are in for the Specitag and Tomb Hunt Short Story contests! We received some absolutely fantastic entries -- many of you certainly knew how to 'Walk like a Furregyptian'!

Specitag Winners -

3rd Place: Namir -

Prize - Specitag Space & Animated Portrait Space

2nd Place: Gherkin -

Prize - Specitag Space, Desctag Space, & Animated Portrait Space

1st Place: Progeny -

Prize - Specitag Space & MF Sphynx FOR LIFE

Tomb Hunter Adventure Short Story Winners -

View Winning Entries

3rd Place: Cynfire

Prize - Specitag Space & Animated Portrait Space

2nd Place: Siduri

Prize - Specitag Space, Desctag Space, & Animated Portrait Space

1st Place: Kay Katt

Prize - Specitag Space & MF Sphynx FOR LIFE

Thank you to all who participated!

Speaking of contests, the stellar lineup of entries for the Fun in the Sun Dream Contest are all ready to be explored! Check them out here, and splash on over to the Rameen Festival docks where all the Dreams are uploaded, to experience the super creative games and activities our players have conjured up!

Living Library 2018

This year's Living Library event will take place all day on Saturday, August 25th 2018. Join us in furc://livinglibrary for this unique opportunity to learn; to challenge oppression, stereotypes, and prejudice in a safe, respectful atmosphere; and to form friendships based on mutual respect and acceptance!

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Snapdragon Kindling!

Fluttery, flowery, feathery fun! The Snapdragon is a perfect trio of dragony goodness and they're ready to spring into Furcadia on Friday, August 3rd! Come on down to Leonardo Park in Meovanni, at 5pm FST to give our newest Mythical Ferian a warm welcome, and be among the first to see these spritely rascals in action. Rawr!

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The Fires of Tradition Keep Burning!

This past Saturday, July 21st saw the traditional Lighting of the Fires take place within the Festival of the Sun. Felorin and Talzhemir were both on hand to regale the crowd with stories, interesting informative tidbits, and -- inevitably -- Felorin's own purrsonal brand of humor! Never a dull moment with the Wizard of Puns around, that's for certain!

Read more: The Fires of Tradition Keep Burning!

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