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Contest: Raukor Retreat!

Screeee! A dark form stalking through the bushes... everything's gone so eerily quiet. Hold tightly onto your butts: Here comes the Raukor! (You can already pre-order yours on Digo Market and get an exclusive FOR LIFE desctag!)

As they're not quite ready to emerge from the shadows just yet, there is a great opportunity to get on their good side (and off the menu)! What better way than providing a cozy, comfy retreat for the Raukor to use? The Raukor may be one of Furcadia's apex predators, but they still need a safe place to call home. So for this contest, your task is to use the official Dream Editor to design a cozy nesting area perfect for a Raukor.

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Yeenen Kindling!

The hottest dog of Furcadia is about to hit the pavement! After spending the sizzling August days nosing their way around the new home, the Yeenen is now ready to play and laugh with you!

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New Furcadia Review

A new review of Furcadia is out, and it's a great one! MassivelyOP's Justin Olivetti visited Kasuria and reported in his regular column about his impressions of Furcadia. He was pleasantly surprised by what he saw and had good things to say about the game and its community!

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Improvements to Group Channels!

Players will now automatically be reconnected to the Group Chat Channels that they were on when they logged out or were disconnected! You will also no longer be disconnected from Chat Channels if your character becomes idle.

On top of this, we have added a new in-game command (`members) that will show everyone who has access to the group's chat channel. Additionally, the List command will display idle players with an AFK tag.

We hope that this will further improve the usability and appeal of both the Player Groups and the Chat Channels that are part of each Group. More fixes and improvements for Groups are in the pipeline, so stay tuned for related news!

Special treat: Muffins now have a chance to grant the muffin muncher a pair of temporary Dragonfly wings! Owners of Pounce, Hearth, Dream, World and Realm Packages, as well as Sponsors, will receive an extra stack of Muffins with their next shipment of free edible goodies!

Holiday Weekend Roundup!

Last weekend saw another flurry of fun-filled event excitement!

Saturday night attracted a packed crowd for our annual Lighting of the Fires hosted by Furcadia Creators Felorin and Talzhemir. Felorin regaled us with stories of gaming and his repertoire of groan-inducing puns as the community gathered. Together with Talzhemir and the aid of Emerald Flame, the incredible new 32-bit braziers were lit in honor of the Prime M'Rill and her season!

Fires Kindling Ahroth

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Summer Solstice & Festival of the Sun

The Spring rains have made the Northern Hemisphere green and verdant once more -- but it's due time for a proper heatwave! Welcome to the First Day of Summer!

Long sunny days, beach parties, picnics, and waterballoon fights are all staples of the hot Summer months, and here in Furcadia it also means it's time to celebrate the annual Festival of the Sun! The Masons and Pixels have been hard at work on the completely overhauled festival Dream, getting everything updated to stunningly beautiful 32-bit.

Like with all festivals, there is much to see and do! Wander the exotic market for a special trinket, riddle with a Sphinx, ride an impressive barge down the river, or explore mysterious ancient catacombs. Don't forget to pay tribute to our Lady M'Rill, Prime of Felines, as well! She may just reward you for your patronage!

And, of course, the arrival of the Festival of the Sun also means that the Lighting of the Fires is not far off. This traditional event is held annually within the Festival grounds and always sees a huge gathering! Felorin and Talzhemir will be on hand to light the fires -- you may even catch a glimpse of M'Rill herself! So be sure to watch for the date announcement!

Cabbit Kindling & Felorin's Birthday Bash

Last week wrapped up on a high note with two super fun event nights! The Cabbit Kindling and Felorin's birthday bash! It was wonderful to see so many familiar and new faces -- thank you for joining us! We hope you all had as great a time as we did!

In the midst of furres scrambling about gathering magic, we also announced the results of the Create Your Cabbit contest! We are always very impressed with how creative the Furcadian community is!

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