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Contests: Deck the Homes & Holiday Cards

Fa-la-la-la it's contest time! 'Tis the season for peace, joy, family -- and decorations / holiday cards!

We have TWO different contests for you to partake in this month, and you are welcome to do one or both!

  • Deck the Homes - Participation contest: show us how you decorated your IRL home!
  • Holiday Cards - Art contest: artists, make a decorated holiday card!

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'Tis the Season!

Winter has come to Furcadia!

Prime Danival and her mischievous brother Prime Viverravus walked among the mortals Monday evening to usher in the stark beauty of the season, blanketing much of Kasuria in fluffy white snow. Many were on hand to witness the ethereal magic of the siblings, watching in wonder as the change fell upon the land.

Viverravus departed as Danival led the gathered furres to the Vinca ... only to find the Dark Prime Erigon up to his old tricks. Though he attempted to weave his vile magic around Danival's as she began to open the portal to her realm, the Lady of Beauty and her steadfast entourage stood their ground before him and he fled into the night.

Danival's Winter Festival has arrived!

A wild Felorin to appear at Midwest FurFest!

If your travels take you through Illinois this weekend, be sure to check out Chicago's MidWest Furfest -- you may just bump into our very own Felorin!

That cat we all know will be taking in all the amazing sights and sounds of what has grown to be one of the world's largest furry conventions, so if you spot him meandering about in his signature robe and hat, be sure to say hi!


Happy Thanksgiving

TurkeyHappy Thanksgiving from Furcadia!

We hope your plates are full, and memories joyous at this bountiful time of year.

We are thankful for each and every one of you for supporting Furcadia and being part of our wonderful community.

You are why we love what we do!

Player-made Tutorials

Furcadia is all about player-made content - dreams, items, avatars, games, even sounds and music! It's truly all about letting your imagination soar.

But sometimes you may get a little stuck trying to do certain things when creating your own masterpieces. Luckily our awesome community also contributes in one other amazing way - tutorials! Below are just two of many fine examples of our players taking the time to help out their fellow furre with easy-to-follow verbal and/or visual instructions.

Here is a new tutorial from Iced!

And this one is from Alluvial!

We also have a dynamic playlist that has videos both that our staff has made as well as contributions from the community! You can view them here! Let us know if you have a tutorial to add to our playlist by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Snow Adorables!

Snow Adorables

Don't worry, it will be cool!

It's time for our annual Winter Sales! This year we're having an 8 week outpouring of meowsome deals! Every avatar will go on sale (up to 70% off!). Different ones every week, so watch for your favorites!

Every avatar special will also come with a very special gift to you: a Snow Adorable! These are extremely cute desctags that depict a new baby animal each week. These desctags are FOR LIFE and exclusive for this sale. It's the only chance to get them!

A secret smol!

All 8 Snow Adorables are precious, but there's one that's kawaiietely hiding! Only the biggest baby animal lovers will be able to lay their tiny paws on it!

A secret 9th Snow Adorable is given out the last week of January 2018, so in order to receive it, you must have collected all 8 Snow Adorables on the same character before the end of January! Like the other 8, the secret 9th Snow Adorable is exclusive and FOR LIFE!

Too long, gimme cute: Collect all 8 Snow Adorables by the end of January, get a very rare 9th Snow Adorable as a bonus!

Get your Snow Adorable

Week 1 Fox Kit
Week 2 Foal
Week 3 Mouse
Week 4 Puppy
Week 5 Kitten
Week 6 Red Panda
Week 7 Duckling
Week 8 Lamb
Bonus Adorable! Dragonling

Recap: Batikin Kindling

Are you batty for the Batikin? We sure are! And now you can get your very own on the Digo Market!

A raucous crowd of Batikin enthusiasts anticipating the arrival of these cheeky additions to the Minkins flocked to the deep jungle of The Wylde this past Saturday night.

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Batikin Kindling

Batikin FlyingWhat's fuzzy, and squeeky, and adorably flappy? The Batikin!

These little scamps are super cheeky and will just love knowing how excited we are for them to join us!

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Spooky vs Spoopy - Results

If you took part in our Spooky vs Spoopy contest on Digo Market, the results are in!

The ghostly Spirit Wolf went head to head with the skeletal but cheeky Spookitty in a down-to-the-wire finish, but the masses have spoken and our winner is... the Spooky Spirit Wolf! Hooray!

Everyone who voted by purchasing a SPOOKY desctag will now get to proudly strut around as a Spirit Wolf for 3 additional months after its Freebie availability ends. Great job and what a battle!

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