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Autumn Portrait Sale

We are having an Autumn Portrait Space Sale for you! It includes 10 regular portrait and as a bonus you get 2 animated portrait spaces for free! Check out DigoMarket for the newest sales!

Rameen Beach Bash and other events

Grab your calendar and bookmark all these fun events coming up!

Join James, Kufky, and the Eventers for a string of wild beach bashes at the annual Rameen Festival! Showcase your creativity and gaming ability to win some generous prizes! If you can make it to all three events, you'll also earn a participation prize: an exclusive Rameen desctag, good for a whole year!

Guitar master

  • What: Compete in the infamous Guitar Master game! You can get your practice in now before the event itself by visiting the festival. The game keeps track of scores, and by the end of the event, the person voted by the audience with the highest score will earn the coveted Guitar Master prize!
  • When: Sunday, September 18th, 6pm FST
  • Those who compete at guitar Master will receive a participation prize
  • The highest scoring player will get the Guitar Master prize

Madlibs & Surfing screenies

  • What: Join us for a hilarious mad lib game, and we will do an animated photo shoot surfing in the waves together! You can also submit your own mad libs for a chance to win a prize!
  • When: Wed, September 21st, 6pm FST
  • If you want to submit your own mad lib, just make sure it's ready at least a day before the event and we may use it during the event! (Send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include your character name)
  • Those whose mad libs are chosen for use at the event will receive a participation prize, as well as those who join in the screenshot!

Bonfire storytelling

  • What: Share a gripping/funny/spooky tale around the bonfire! The theme is open as long as it's rated T+. You can roleplay it out in character, or simply share it, but please make sure to involve audience participation into your story as this is a live event and not just a plain reading (and your audience will be voting for their favorite story of the evening!)
  • When: Saturday October 1st, 4pm FST
  • Valid storytellers' entries will receive a participation prize!
  • Additionally participants present at the event will secretly vote for their favorite story of the evening, and the chosen winner will get the Furre's Choice award

Prize Details

  • How to get one:
    • Those who validly participate in the events above as described
    • Participation prize is also given if you attend and engage at all three events
  • Participation prize: the exclusive Rameen desctag, lasts a whole year!
  • Guitar Master Prize: 25 GD
  • Furre's Choice Storytelling award: 50 GD

Other Upcoming events!

Wolfhowl Dream Contest!

Read more!

Player Sponsored:

These events are being held by different Groups in Furcadia. If you'd like to add yours to the list here and for in-game advertising, please read this page for more info!

  • What: Join fun challenges at a player-sponsored seasonal fall event! Winner gets an exclusive in-Dream prize, however anyone is welcome to just hangout.
  • When: Saturday, Oct 8th. 5pm FST
  • Where: The Endless Wilds

  • What: Join a player-sponsored Night Party: It's a modern fantasy Roleplay cocktail/dancing party - Event restricted to players who are 18+ years old!
  • When: Friday, Sept 23 at 5pm FST
  • Where: Los Paraiso

Redkin Kindling event!

Join us for the Great Reveal! Cute red pandas will be there and it's your chance to be a part of the moment. Lots of prizes will be available and you could win a Redkin avatar for the week by attending!

We'll be playing a new game for the Wylde in the jungle area - Hide'n Seek. The map will be reloaded beforehand. Hope to see you there! :3

Date: Tuesday 8/23/2022

Time: 4:30 pm FST (CST)

Where: furc://Wylde/540 (F3 to get to the Jungle)

Why: Tons of prizes and fun, yay!

2022 Wolf Howl Dream Contest

Yes - it's a bit early, but did someone say contest? Yes, we did! And with this early notice, you have lots of time to gather your team and make a Dream submission for it!

Are you ready to brave the night? The task to leave your mark is this: By yourself or as a team with others, create a Dream in honor of the upcoming season!

Once Wolf Howl is up, any Dream entries will be made live within it as they are submitted, and will remain for the duration of the Festival.

View Entries!

Read more: 2022 Wolf Howl Dream Contest

2022 Wolf Howl Dream Contest Entries

For the 2022 Wolfhowl Dream Contest this year, the general theme is simply spooky or Fall. Below are the awesome creations received so far. Each dream will be loaded in the Wolf Howl Dream for the duration of the Festival, so be sure to check them out!

    • Read the Dream Contest Guide and follow the rules and guidelines.
    • Rules and Requirements - read carefully!
    • Dreams that encourage player interaction will receive extra points.
    • Masters and Regular categories will be judged separately. Exhibition (non-judged) entries are also accepted!

Read more: 2022 Wolf Howl Dream Contest Entries

Hosting an Event on Furcadia

Did you know you can host your own events on Furcadia and we may advertise them for free? Depending on the news and staff availability, we might advertise for you in game, on our social media, and even in a broadcast right before!

We made a tutorial with some tips on ensuring your Furcadia event is successful:

Host an Event on Furcadia

Your event can be personal, like the birthday party Meggy hosted:

Meggy's Birthday Party 2022

Or more complex, like this Summer Dream Day event hosted by Roamheart:

Just contact us and follow these steps to get started:

Submit your news

Hope to hear from you to help spread the word! :)

Koalen Charity Results!

An update on our Koala Charity drive! Together we were able to raise $600 for the Australian Koala Foundation. These are the 3 Koalas we "adopted" from the Australian Koala Foundation: Peace, Harmony, and Violet! The funds we raised will help them for 1 year each.

"Violet is a female Koala, who is the first joey of Ginger, and her father is one of our rescue Koalas (Koda). Koda is a permanent rescue who was deemed unreleasable. Violet is growing up to be an absolute delight and lives in Sunshine Coast! Peace and Harmony, her joey, live in Brisbane West. Peace was born in 1970!"

Peace and Baby Harmony

These funds we raised will help these iconic species (and the conservation of other endangered wildlife) who were ravaged by fires and lost their homelands. Thank you everyone who contributed to the Australian Koala Foundation, who have been helping restore habitat, supporting protective political measures, and rescuing injured koalas for 35 years.

New Redkin Presale

Love pawndas? We do, too! A new presale went live just now!

The ripple effect of The Red Panda Craze has reached Furcadia! We're excited to report sightings of a brand-new Minkin. And what a Minkin the Redkin is! With their magically HYOOGE tail and roof-bursting cuteness, they're a 10/10!

While Redkin isn't quite ready yet, you can be among the very first players to get one on Digo Market! For preordering a Redkin, you'll receive an exclusive presale desctag FOR LIFE! It cannot be obtained later on, though, so you really do need to get it before it is released - you can't save the order for later!

Summer Festival Events!

Traditional Lighting of the Fires Ceremony

Join the creators of Furcadia: Felorin, Talzhemir, and Emerald Flame this Saturday for the tradition that's spanned for decades! New this year: brand new particle fire effects!

We'll be meeting in the NE area of the Summer Festival map.

Where: furc://festival
Date: Saturday, June 25
Time: 3pm FST (CST)

Tomb of the Nameless King

You're invited!

Where: furc://festival
Date: Tuesday, June 28
Time: 4pm FST (CST)

Join us on Tuesday! We'll grab some tools and delve into the depths of the ancient resting place of the Nameless King, digging for precious treasures, ancient relics, or glittering gems. If you can make your way from the tomb safely with your finds, you can trade them for better tools, trinkets, and other goodies and prizes! Beware though... there is an unsettling magic about the tomb that feels of dark secrets and hidden dangers... Prizes and fun await! Bring your friends!

RSVP here!

Tomb of the Nameless King


New avatars are always exciting, and this one is particularly intriguing!

A new kind of magical being has been discovered, one that the fortune tellers of Kasuria refer to as the Guardians of the Aether. The SkyPuffs are a family of the most adorable creatures you may have ever seen! Imbued with celestial magic, they not only dazzle with their cuteness, but also their magical abilities!

The first of these angelic SkyPuffs is the PacaPuff! These tiny alpacas, cloaked in swirly clouds and featuring special rainbow magic, are sure to win your heart! It's all sorts of cute and funny, and is guaranteed to make you stand out as you sparkle your way through maps and dreams (the PacaPufff will be usable on all maps).

While PacaPuff isn't quite ready yet, you can be among the very first players to get one on Digo Market! For preordering a PacaPuff, you'll receive an exclusive presale desctag FOR LIFE! It cannot be obtained later on, though, so you really do need to get it before it is released - you can't save the order for later!

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