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MoonAwoo event - a recap

Did you get to see the hunter's moon this past weekend? In honor of all things moon, the Eventers hosted a fun gathering over in the Wolf Howl Festival on Monday -- to share fun facts and do some serious and ever important AWOOOing at the bright moon!

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Hero Vulpine Kindling & Wolf Howl Launch!

What's this? An archery tournament held in honor of the arrival of Furcadia's newest and bushiest-tailed Heroes? How exciting!

Get your bows strung and arrows fletched, and head on down to the Wolf Howl Festival grounds this coming Wednesday, October 9th at 5:30pm FST.

Fun, laughs, and prizes to be had! Who will have the truest shot of them all?


When: Wednesday, October 9th

Time: 5:30pm FST

Where: Wolf Howl Festival

Heroes Among Us!

Do you have what it takes to be a Hero?

Long in the making, the first of the Furcadia Hero Series of avatars is nearly ready to embark on an amazingly adventurous journey! Heroes are a new line of anthro avatars that are closely related to the Nobles. Each Hero comes with a unique weapon and a matching set of armor that command respect and admiration from the less heroic species.

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Lighting of the Fires

They say Summer hasn't truly begun in Furcadia until the annual Lighting of the Fires commences! So come join Felorin and Talzhemir this Saturday in the gorgeous Festival of the Sun Dream where they will regale the crowd with stories, jokes, and interesting tidbits before setting the stunning 32-bit braziers ablaze in honor of the season of M'Rill, Prime of Felines. Seats fill up quick for this popular event, so be sure to arrive early for the best view!

When: Saturday, June 29th

Where: Festival of the Sun

Time: 6pm FST

Festival of the Sun

The Spring rains have made the Northern Hemisphere green and verdant once more -- but it's due time for a proper heatwave! Welcome to Summer!

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