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Changes to Sponsor Goodies

As you probably know, owners of Sponsorships and Group Packages receive a juicy delivery of consumable, throwable, or giveable desctags every month.

We'll be making a couple of changes to these Sponsor Goodies based on your feedback:

  • Starting in June, we're switching the delivery date to the beginning of each month. We're aiming for the first day of a month so that you'll know when you'll get new material for your arsenal.
  • Also starting in June, most consumables will now last 4 weeks instead of three months. We're making this change because a lot of you told us that the goodies clutter your descriptions. You'll get more consumables to make up for the shorter duration.
    • Note: This does not include Roses, Bracelets, Wands, Snugs and a number of similar items, as these are not displayed in your description. Those will continue to last until they're used.

As a special bonus, in June we'll be including a few Pixel Pows and a test version of Parnieq's Feathers.

Get an active Sponsorship or Group Package by June 1st so you don't miss out on these special freebies! If you have both a Sponsorship and Group Package, you get multiple deliveries of Goodies! And, if you're looking for non-subscription options, we also currently have a sale for 6 months of Silver Sponsorship.

New Flop and Fleep!

You asked for it! The Flop and Fleep that invaded Furcadia on April 1 are now available on Digo Market!

PitterPuff Presale!

The newest member of our illustrious Guardians of the Aether group of creatures, the SkyPuffs, are known as PitterPuffs!

With large captivating eyes, and a playful nature they are easy to fall head over tails for. Their magical rain cloud sparkles as it was made from the tear drops of all lonely furres. Now the PitterPuff is here, transforming that sorrow into love and comfort, which they do by nosey-ing everyone they meet.

While the adorable PitterPuff is not quite ready to shower its magic upon everyone, it can be encouraged out to play with your help. If you help, you'll receive an exclusive presale desctag FOR LIFE as a thank-you for pre-ordering the PitterPuff!

Silver Bells Raffle Winners 2023

Yesterday, February 18th, we drew the winners of this year's Silver Bells Raffle! We had a large and fun crowd with lots of laughter and chatting! Thanks everyone who attended this 3-plus-hour long event! In case you missed the fun, or want a recap of who won what, see below!

Here are all the prizes and winners in the order they were drawn!

Custom Avatar Space: Pupcake
Gold Sponsorship FOR LIFE: WreckLyss
Kittersize FOR LIFE: Cronus|Starstrings
Silver Sponsorship FOR LIFE: Toki
Silver Sponsorship FOR LIFE: Foxy|Codone
Gloaming FOR LIFE: Lileo
Help design a Pet Avatar: Wiccan
Pixel Pot with 500 charges: Eli
Dream Package FOR LIFE: BrambleBean
Gloaming FOR LIFE: Yugen
Gloaming FOR LIFE: Zya
Quarter Prime status: Glade|of|the|Wolves
Massive Pile of Feathers with 500 uses: Zaboo
Silver Sponsorship FOR LIFE: Furnarchy|Devil
Silver Sponsorship FOR LIFE and Redkin FOR LIFE: Winter
Help design a Feline Avatar: Zya
Heart bonding ceremony: Auras
Gold Sponsorship FOR LIFE: Bananasaurus
Shrimp plate with 500 uses: Sphinx
Chupacabra FOR LIFE: Kotengu
Custom Avatar Space: Kaze
Help design a Canine Avatar: Helvime
Direwing FOR LIFE (Gar's custom avatar): Adrienne
Gloaming FOR LIFE: Aywren|Sojourner
Silver Sponsorship FOR LIFE: Mercy
Moonpuff FOR LIFE: Zyber
World Package FOR LIFE: Zyber
Pile of Snowballs with 500 uses: Jemma
Exclusive Turf: Eli
Event with Ciro & something special: Zorua
Doodlen FOR LIFE: Fergie|V
Kittersize FOR LIFE: Archery
XXL Candy Canes with 500 uses: Zaknatar
Quarter Prime status: Rodent|of|Unusual|Size
Full Set of all Wings FOR LIFE: Sidenote, Chemotherapy, and Vaculla
Pixel Pot with 500 uses: Elijah|Tahali
Help design a Dragon Avatar: Archery
Glold Sponsorship FOR LIFE: Snowstar
World Package FOR LIFE: Eli
Custom Avatar Space: Xylie

All prizes have been awarded except for Avatar Spaces, Exclusive Turfs, and design participation. Winners of these items will be contacted by Cironir this week with details on how to claim them. If you have any questions, please whisper Cironir in the game or send us a ticket.

Congratulations to all our winners, and a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Silver Bells Raffle! Your support of Furcadia is truly appreciated, and so very heartwarming. We look forward to next year's holiday raffle!

Web Client Update

The Furcadia web client was updated today with the following changes:

  • Blended remaps on the newer avatars now display properly
  • Butler and digo buttons on the default skin now remap properly
  • Fixed a core DS engine issue with areas
  • Fixed the DS "at a random spot ..." lines
  • The Ctrl+A/Cmd+A shortcut for AI can be turned off
  • Popup warning before you close the tab so you don't accidentally disconnect

The changes are already live! Thanks, Treeki!

Love Month!

Love is in the air and it's joining Furcadia too!

View Sales

We have a slew of new sales for you on Digo Market including some great bundle deals!

There's ways to send valentines to your crush, all the desctags, plus two brand-new premade Specitags!

Upcoming Events

The three Valentine's Day events take place in the Sweetheart Castle Dream (or to walk there yourself, go to the Vinca, then the Sweetheart Ball will be loaded inside of Danival's Winter Festival, to the NW of the entrance).

  • Single's Night: Friday, February 10th, 4:00 PM FST
  • Friendship Night: Sunday, February 12th, 4:00 PM FST
  • Sweetheart Ball: Wednesday, February 15th, 3:00 PM FST
  • The Silver Bells Raffle: Saturday, February 18th, 2:00 PM FST (location TBA)

Doodlen Kindling!

Dude, the Doodlen is ready! We meet and kindle tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4:00 PM FST in The Wylde! Join us and play ball with us! (We provide the balls!) This also means there's only little time left to preorder your Doodlen and get the exclusive preorder desctag FOR LIFE before it becomes unavailable foreverrrr!

The Endless Wilds Event

The Endless Wilds is celebrating its 1st Birthday this January! You can even win a Wolfling and a Kitsukin FOR LIFE! To enter the contest, all you need to do is submit a screenshot that you took while in the dream! Made cool decorations with the prizes? Crazy high level? Found a secret in the forest? Just chatting with friends? Shenanigans with the dice roll posting? Good memories from past events? Anything goes! Please submit your screenshot between: 11:00 PM FST on December 31st, 2022 and 10:59 FST on January 31, 2023. The dream owners will pick a winner during the first week of February!

  • The screenshot can be taken at any point in time before the Jan 31st deadline, but it MUST BE SUBMITTED DURING JANUARY.
  • Submit your screenshot by whispering the link to Lileo in Furcadia! (You can upload it on Imgur, on Discord, or anywhere else!)
  • Be as crazy as you want, but please keep things from getting too 18+. (Dream owner's discretion.)
  • Submissions must include the full default Furcadia screenshot. (Do not crop parts of the image/window)
  • All submissions will be saved for future use such as a gallery for the dream.
  • If you want to change your submission to a different screenshot, whisper Lileo and let her know. You are only allowed one screenshot/submission.

If you have any questions, please ping Lileo in the game!

Happy New Years from Furcadia!

We wish you an amazing, happy, healthful, and safe 2023! May it be a year worth remembering with a smile! Thank you for all your support in the past year, we really appreciate and love you all.

(Art by Runetta)

Furcadia turns 26!

To celebrate Furcadia's Birthday, we'll have a small birthday celebration this Friday, December 16, at Mycroft's (located in Meovanni). The core event starts at 3:00 PM FST and runs for two hours! Of course, we'll celebrate all day, so if you're here later, stop by and share your fondest Furcadia memories. We'll mingle, reminisce, and play trivia together! (Yes, there will be prizes, too!)

We look forward to seeing you this Friday, old and new friends!

Also, an announcement: there's a new presale for the Doodlen Ferian this month, with a collectible puppuccino desctag! A Christmas puppy - come check it out!

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