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Beach Bash Dream Contest!

Though looking a little different this year, Summer has indeed arrived! With most countries having safety guidelines requiring social distancing, getting together to cool off at the local watering hole isn't that easy to do this year... which makes Furcadia the perfect place for a massive BEACH BASH!

Working alone or in a team, build a Dream with a Tropical Island Beach theme (think Animal Crossing) where everyone can gather for an epic party in the sun, surf, and sand! Woo! And since fun activities and games are often found at parties, extra points will be awarded for any interesting things to do on your island!

This contest will run til the end of August, so you have lots of time to get those creative juices flowing!

Check out the entries here!

Contest Rules

  • Dreams must follow a Tropical Island Beach theme.
  • You may not submit creations that are not your own.
  • Dreams must adhere to Furcadia’s T+ standard.
  • Read the Rules and Requirements page for more details!
  • Master and Regular entries are judged separately (please indicate your status in your submission). Exhibition entries are welcome, too!

Your submission must include everything specified in the Dream Contest Guide!

Email your entry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the Furcadia names of your team by August 30th at 11:59 pm FST


The entries selected by the judges as 1st place shall receive:

  • Masters: 300 GD to the Team Lead to distribute to their team
  • Regulars: 200 GD to the Team Lead to distribute to their team
  • More prizes may be given out depending on participation!


  • Any entries not meeting the requirements will be disqualified and none are guaranteed a prize.
  • Upon submission, you grant Dragon’s Eye Productions (DEP) permission to post your work and share it with the community. DEP may post, edit, and distribute creative contributions made through contests freely to players and for promotion of Furcadia.

Web Client For ALL!

Great news everyone! We are pleased to announce that access to our web client has now been expanded to ALL PLAYERS! That's right, whether you play on computer, tablet, phone or even some TV's, EVERYONE can now access our web client at!

The web client runs in all standard web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc)! You'll be able to play Furcadia like normal, but now on all these devices, no installation required!

It's important to note that the web client is still in it's development phase. It is a test version, not a finished product! Pounce support, a new user interface, and many other features are still missing, but will progressively be added. The purpose of opening access is so that you can test it on your computer, tablet or smartphone and share any issues you find. Please report bugs and problems here.

Annual Lighting of the Fires!

The long, hot days of Summer are in full swing -- it's time for our annual Lighting of the Fires! Come join us in the gorgeous Festival of the Sun this Sunday, July 12th at 2pm FST, where Felorin, Emerald Flame, Gar, and others will set the stunning 32-bit braziers ablaze in honor of Summer and the season of M'Rill, Prime of Felines. Always a popular event, be sure to arrive early to grab a good seat!

When: Sunday, July 12th

Where: Festival of the Sun

Time: 2pm FST

What's your Sign?

Astrology is a very popular topic worldwide, and while we have celebrated the Chinese Zodiac here in Furcadia for many years, it's time the Tropical Zodiac got some much-deserved love too!

The zodiac is the belt of constellations that the Sun, Moon, and planets move through on their yearly journey across the sky. Ancient astrologers noted the patterns of the movements of these constellations and developed a system representing 12 of them to span a year based on the seasons, beginning with Aries on the Spring Equinox.

So starting today on the Summer Equinox you'll be able to find the first in our newest series of collectible Zodiac desctags -- Cancer!

These tags will be available individually or as part of a fun Zodiac bundle featuring an avatar and consumables based on the current sign, and last an entire year in your description! Each sign has it's own corresponding element -- air, water, earth, fire -- and accompanying planet that has been beautifully captured in these desctags created by Rat the Unloved. Wear your sign proudly!

Each Zodiac tag will be released on it's corresponding start date as the year progresses, so keep an eye on Digo Market for yours to arrive!

Happy Mother's Day!

Near or far, a mother’s love is with her children always.

It's Mother's Day! Time to celebrate all the incredible mom's in the world, be they skinned, furred, scaled, or feathered!

Read more: Happy Mother's Day!

The First of May!

Ah, Spring. Take a deep breath in! The air is heavy with the scent of all things green and growing, life anew after the cold and bitter Winter months. Invigorating, isn't it? *ah-CHOO!* Er, well, unless of course you suffer from seasonal allergies, but hey! It's still beautiful to look at!

Read more: The First of May!

Happy Earth Day!

It's time to take a moment to send love out to this beautiful blue and green galactic marble we call home -- our beloved Earth! We hope you'll join us in taking steps today to ensure we leave a clean and healthy planet for future generations to inherit and care for.

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Turning Back the Clock on 2020

Across the lands the new year has come trundling in like an angry curcupine, unsettling the balance and instilling uncertainty and fear into the hearts and minds of Kasurians near and far. The Dragon, growing more dismayed as the tumultuous weeks have unfolded, has taken it upon his/herself to provide a much needed respite from the chaos for all within The Dreaming.

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