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St. Patrick's Day!

Erin go Bragh!

Do you enjoy wearing green, drinking brew, and chasing tiny chortling green-clad furres for their pot of gold?! Of course you do, and we do too!

Drop on by ye olde Mycroft's Tavern in Meovanni this Wednesday, March 17th as the Eventers celebrate everything that is St. Patrick's Day.

Looking for something festive to wear to the party? Digo Market is chock full of awesome St. Patrick's Day deals on items and costumes!

Where: Mycroft's Tavern, Meovanni

When: Wednesday, March 17th

Time: 5pm FST

Silver Bells Raffle Winners!

Woohoo! Yesterday, February 27th, Cironir and Glaciess hosted the ceremony to hand out the prizes from the Silver Bells Raffle. An upbeat crowd gathered early, cheering and congratulating the winners as their names were drawn. In case you missed the fun, or want a recap of who won what, see below!

Avatar Space

Winner 1: Wolverine

Winner 2: Mysery

Winner 3: Starwyrd

Gloaming FOR LIFE

Winner 1: Sarin

Winner 2: Aysu

Winner 3: Razsha Ishtar

Gold Sponsorship FOR LIFE

Winner 1: Darkshadow

Winner 2: Peep

Winner 3: Cronus Starstrings

Winner 4: Kid Gambino

Dream Package FOR LIFE

Winner 1: Nomi

Winner 2: Xiuv

Winner 3: Tayget Twinstar

Silver Sponsorship FOR LIFE

Winner 1: Fergie V

Winner 2: Jehan Heartbane

Winner 3: Chronic Esper

Exclusive Turf

Winner 1: Retro

Winner 2: Jinsha Tu

Winner 3: Usha Itzal

World Package

Winner 1: Simple

Winner 2: Zyber

Quarter Prime Status

Winner: Dorset

All prizes have been awarded except for Avatar Spaces and Exclusive Turfs. Winners of these items will be contacted by Cironir this week with details on how to claim them.

Congratulations to all our winners, and a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Silver Bells Raffle! Your support of Furcadia is truly appreciated, and so very heartwarming.

Silver Bells Raffle Draw!

Every year our annual Winter Sale sees amazing deals on all our regular avatars, most for up to 70% off! This year the purchase of any item from the sale came with 1-3 Silver Bells, each of which counted as an entry into a super exciting raffle of epic proportions! With some truly rare and unique prizes up for grabs -- such as Avatar Spaces, Quarter Prime status, and World Packages FOR LIFE -- the excitement is absolutely palpable. See the full pool of prizes here!

With the Winter Sale now wrapped up, all the entries are counted and added into the draw! The time we've all been waiting for has arrived; the prize draws will take place this Saturday, February 27th at 3pm FST in Danival's Winter Festival! Our last raffle was a hugely attended event, so be sure to arrive to the stage early cause seats will fill up fast!

Good luck, and thank you for participating in our Silver Bells Raffle!

When: Saturday, February 27th

Time: 3pm FST

Where: Stage area in Danival's Winter Festival

Sweetheart Ball!

February is here, the time to celebrate all forms of love!

This means our annual Sweetheart Ball is just around the corner! Always our most highly-anticipated celebration of the year, here are the details of the 3 different nights of activities -- Single's Night, Friendship Night, and the Sweetheart Ball itself!

Single's Night

All the single furries, now put your paws up! Rock your independence or flaunt your availability at the annual kick off to Valentine's; Single's Night! We're hosting a party for all you untied folks to come shake your tailfeathers, so put on your best and come strut your stuff!

When: Wednesday, February 10th

Time: 5pm FST

Where: Sweetheart Castle Dream loaded in Danival's Winter Festival

Friendship Night

You've got a friend in me! It's time to celebrate all the bff's, besties, bro's, and buddies out there. Whether flying solo or happily paired, we all need those integral platonic relationships in our lives. Come honor these awesome folks with us as we shout out to all the amazing friends in the world!

This coming Friday is also Lunar New Year, so we'll be combining some fun activities into Friendship Night to celebrate the Year of the Ox!

When: Friday, February 12th

Time: 5pm FST

Where: Sweetheart Castle Dream loaded in Danival's Winter Festival

Sweetheart Ball

Te quiero, mi amor. We're looking for all the lovebirds out there to come celebrate with us at the annual Sweetheart Ball! Send a Valentine shout-out to your one and only, go on a romantic swoon boat ride, or show off your waltzing skills on the dance floor. Oh, and there's something about a wedding...

When: Saturday, February 13th

Time: 3pm FST

Where: Sweetheart Castle Dream loaded in Danival's Winter Festival

The Sweetheart Castle Dream will soon be available for your exploration, with all kinds of fun things to do including a swoonboat ride, bouncy castles, dance floor, and a super adorable community build!

Do you have a favorite way to express your admiration such as Chocolate, or Flowers? How about a frilly valentine? Maybe a lovely new collar for the more adventurous (woohoo!)? Whatever your fancy, we have everything you need to spoil your favorite person (or people!) now available on Digo Market!

Hollydrake Kindling!

Keep the holiday spirit going and deck the halls with boughs of holly -- drake, that is! The lingering seasonal magic coupled with the warmth and caring regularly displayed by the Furcadian community has enticed this newest -- and most festive! -- Flerian to settle in our lands and call Kasuria home. Rumor has it they're very excited to hear stories and tales of everyone's holiday traditions and memories, so don your scarves and mitts and make the trek to Danival's Winter Festival this Sunday, January 10th at 3pm FST to officially welcome the Hollydrake!

When: Sunday, January 10th

Where: Danival's Winter Festival

Time: 3pm FST

Haven't gotten yourself a Hollydrake yet? Pre-order's will be available on Digo Market right up until the kindling, so if you want to snag a super cool exclusive FOR LIFE presale desctag, there's still time!

Furcadia's 24th Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Longest continually running MMO Guinness World Record Holder, Furcadia, turns another year older this Wednesday, December 16th -- 24 years already!

To celebrate we're throwing a party in Meovanni's Mycroft's Tavern complete with cake, pizza, other yummy items, and prizes, -- and you're invited! Rumor has it Furcadia Creator Felorin himself will be on hand to chat all things Furc and share some memories from all these glorious years. You'll also get to take advantage of Free Digo Day as a Thank You for being part of our wonderful community.

Next year Furcadia turns a quarter-century old (gasp!) and we're planning some major festivities in celebration, so be on the lookout for those to be announced some time next year!

A perfect Halloween treat -- SpiritWolf Kindling!

The Mythical Ferian SpiritWolf is ready to make All Hallow's Eve absolutely spooktacular! Come help conjure this fluffy apparition into existence just in time for Halloween! The seance kicks off tomorrow -- Saturday, October 31st -- at 3pm fst in the Wolf Howl Festival grounds.

And because it -is- Halloween after all, come in costume for your chance to win some fancy prizes! Costumes will be judged based on colors, descriptions, and portraits.

When: Saturday, October 31st

Where: Wolf Howl Festival

Time: 3pm FST

Haven't gotten yourself a SpiritWolf yet? Pre-order's will be available on Digo Market right up until the kindling, so if you want to snag a super cool exclusive FOR LIFE presale desctag, there's still time!

Wolf Howl is here!

Overcome by the sudden urge to Awoooo at the moon? Does the crunch of leaves underfoot fill you with glee? Have you kitterjack-spiced ALL the things? No doubt about it... Wolf Howl has arrived!

This annual festival in honor of Prime Reegarr has lots of eerily entertaining things to see and do, mwahaha!

  • Pick a pumpkin and carve it into the purrfect jack-o-lantern
  • Linger by the moonlit pool to let your inner wolf loose
  • Venture into the haunted mansion to assist an odd, possibly mad, dragon... what could go wrong?
  • Some folks speak of stumbling upon strange Words of Power, but their purpose remains a mystery...
  • And more!

It's time for all things spooky... and spoopy! The most mischievous time of the year is the perfect opportunity for some fun contests!

Pumpkin Patch Carving

The awesome Rat the Unloved has conjured up three gourd-geous pumpkin patch-item bases for you! Pick your favorite one -- or if you're feeling adventurous take all three! -- and digitally carve a spooky or spoopy jack-o-lantern using Furcadia's official patch editor, FOXed!

Check out this awesome example Rat made!

Spooky Spells

Witty with words? All Hallow's Eve is the best time of year for the concocting of potions and summoning of all things ghoulish and frightful! So why not try your hand at writing up an appropriately haunting spell in the form of rhymed couplets, incorporating Furcadian objects and creatures.

Hang a pot of brew to boil,

Pinch of dust of pongo seed.

Once it peaks at steady roil,

Ready for what else must need.

Tongue of snugg and raukor's feather,

Two, no more, of eetrox horn.

All of these combined together,

Gain you now a brand new form!

- Glaciess

You could win yourself some awesome Wolf Howl swag! Just take part in one -- or both! -- of our contests!

Pumpkin Patch Carving Contest Rules

Tools: Furcadia's FOX Editor

How to Enter:

  • Pick your pumpkin - Classic Pumpkin / Fairytale Pumpkin / Ghost Pumpkin
  • Digitally carve your pumpkin into a jack o'lantern (animated or non) using FOXed
  • Send an email with a copy of your entry and your Furcadia name to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. *Please remember to include your Furcadia name so we can credit properly!

Spooky Spells Contest Rules


  • MUST be Furcadia themed.
  • Must consist of rhymed couplets in a rhyming scheme of your choice (AABB, ABAB, ABCABC, etc).
  • MAXIMUM of 16 lines.

How to Enter:

  • Send an email with your entry and your Furcadia name to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. *Please remember to include your Furcadia name so we can credit properly!

Check out the entries here!

Deadline: Friday, October 30th 11:59pm FST


  • Our prize pillow case is stuffed full with spooky goodies - maybe even a special surprise! You'll have to enter to find out! ;)


  • Any entries not meeting requirements will be disqualified and none are guaranteed a prize.
  • Upon submission, you grant Dragon's Eye Productions (DEP) permission to post your work and share it with the community. DEP may post, edit, and distribute creative contributions made through contests freely to players and for promotion of Furcadia.
  • All entries must conform to Furcadia's T+ standard or lower.

Purrsian Kindling!

It's time to welcome the Purrsian to Furcadia with a spirited game of Yarnball! Warm up your mewmewzela and head to Meovanni's sports field this Sunday, October 4th at 3pm FST to cheer on your team. Or better yet, throw on a jersey and take to the field yourself to fight for all the glory and fish snacks!

If you're as excited as we are for all the fluffy sass about to be sprung upon Kasuria (who wouldn't be?!), be sure to mark your calendar!

When: Sunday, October 4th

Where: Soccer field in Meovanni

Time: 3pm FST

Haven't gotten yourself a Purrsian yet? Pre-order's will be available on Digo Market right up until the kindling, so if you want to snag a super cool exclusive FOR LIFE presale desctag, there's still time!

Mobile Friendly Web Client - Updates!

Thanks for all your feedback! The most frequent suggestions we received for the web client were for an improved mobile experience on Android and iOS, and we are happy to announce that we just released a big update that makes the web client much more mobile-friendly!

You can now choose between a mobile UI in portrait mode (with a nifty Menu button for map shortcuts, settings, commands and more) and the full-fat Furcadia UI (with tweaks to make it more usable on a touch screen). We definitely recommend portrait orientation for using the web client on your phone!

The newly added settings allow you to change between different levels of animations. You can also use this mobile interface in your desktop web browser as well by opening the web client in a new window and making that window more narrow. Try it out, it looks great!

Android and iOS users can make the web client behave much like a native app by using "Add To Home Screen" in Safari (iOS) or Chrome (Android). You can then launch the web client just like a native app by tapping the icon. No need to launch the browser again.

On mobile devices, you can now long-press on a character to pull up a context menu (just like right-clicking in the regular Furcadia client).

You can try out the web/mobile client at Just use your regular Furcadia account to log in!

See demo videos here (iOS) and here (Android)!

Below is the full change log with all the changes. This is only an initial release. We will be adding more features and tweaks in the upcoming weeks. Please help us test this web/mobile client and let us know if you encounter any issues. When reporting bugs, please tell us about your device and the browser you're using. We primarily support Safari and Chrome at the moment, but the web client will work in Mobile Firefox also, though there may be some smaller usability issues.

  • added mobile-friendly interface
    • activates on browser windows narrower than 600 pixels wide (including phones in portrait mode)
    • single-column login and character selection screens
    • compact game view with a dynamically sized game screen, chat box and docked menus
    • chat tabs appear on a single scrollable row if you have open whispers
    • chat input shows placeholder "tap to chat" / "tap to whisper Treeki" text when empty/inactive
  • full-size interface can now be scrolled and zoomed on phones (in landscape mode) and on tablets
  • added icons and metadata so that Furcadia can be installed as a web app using "Add To Home Screen" in Safari for iOS and Chrome for Android
  • added chat timestamp settings
  • added font settings
  • added "replace 'you say' with your name" setting
  • • is now the command prefix on iOS, matching the old iPhone client
  • many usability improvements to popup menus and tooltips
    • these should not spawn off-screen any more
    • menus will scroll if there isn't enough space for all items
    • sub-menus appear/disappear with a slight delay
    • menu items are made larger if the menu is activated with a touchscreen
  • turning animation off now turns KitterSpeak animations off
  • fixed bug where login screen would hang if a character had no saved colour code
  • fixed bug when closing the last whisper tab
  • fixed bug where clicking on text in the chat log would break typing until you explicitly clicked the input again
  • whisper tabs now show spaces in names instead of |
  • smart quotes are now converted to regular quotes, so WinFurc users can see text from iOS users properly
  • custom music and sounds in dreams will now play
    • all kinds of music files should work, but only short sounds are currently supported - this will be revisited with a more comprehensive fix at a later date
  • fixed a bug where the game field was too small if you closed the keyboard with the Back button/gesture in Chrome for Android
  • fixed MIDI playback on Android
  • DS effect (5:384) now behaves correctly

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