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Korven Kindling!

Caw caw! The Korven, drawn by the glitter and sparkle of Second Dreaming Magic, are almost here! Gather your shinies and come to the Broadleaf Woods of the Wylde this Thursday, January 31st to welcome these curious corvids to our lands!

When: Thursday, January 31st

Time: 5:30pm FST

Where: Broadleaf Wood, The Wylde

Forum changes

Dear Community,

As of today, our current Community Forums have been switched to read-only mode. All existing information and posts remain intact and accessible, but no new threads or messages can be created.

We took this step because the customized software we use for our Community Forums is no longer maintainable. A lack of updates for an active forum also poses a security risk. The archived Forums will remain available in case you want to look up older material that may still be useful when building Dreams, or to take a trip down memory lane.

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WinterFest Contests

The trees have shed the remainder of their Autumn colors, and a swift cold breeze stirs across Furcadia. Light laughter like the tinkle of silver bells follows in its wake, a promise of fun and joy to come. A soft blanket of fluffy white snow has come to banish Wolf Howl until next year... Danival's Winter Festival has arrived!

In celebration of this most festive season, we have TWO super fun contests for you to take part in!

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Wolf Howl Contests Awards Ceremony

The trees of Wolf Howl have shed the last of their Autumn colors and a soft white covering of snow has come to blanket the festival grounds - Danival's Winter Festival has arrived!

Which means it is time to announce the winners of the Wolf Howl pumpkin carving and Spookitty coloring page contests! The awards ceremony will be taking place tomorrow (Wednesday, December 12) at the stage in Danival's Winter Festival, 6pm FST.

Rumor has it that rare Golden Stars have been seen falling from the sky within the Festival grounds -- if you are in attendance for the ceremony, you may just find one landing in your paws!

See you there!

Catching Stars - Annual Winter Sale

The most festive time of year approaches, and that means we’re unpacking the annual Winter Sale for Digo Market!

Each week beginning November 25th will feature a group of avatars on sale for up to 70% off! This will continue for a whopping 9 weeks of sales until every single regular avatar gets its chance in the spotlight, wowzers! This includes a slew of avatars that will see their first FOR LIFE versions introduced, as well as others that will have their FOR LIFE versions discounted for the first time. Much excite!

But wait, there’s more!

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Inside The Portrait

Hello! Degu here with a special presentation for you today: a look inside the process of creating an official Furcadia portrait!

While butler art is often created early on in the avatar creation process, portrait art tends to come at the end. The video tutorial below was made for our avatar artists and offers insight into the methods used to demonstrate the process from start to finish, and I'd like to share it with you, too!

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Wolf Howl Contests

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Coloring Contest

Feel a chill up your spine? Hearing strange noises in the dark? It's time for all things spooky... and spoopy! The most mischievous time of the year is the perfect opportunity for some fun contests!

The awesome Degu has conjured up this very adorable coloring page, so grab your preferred medium of choice and liven up this image with some spooky or spoopy colors!

Pumpkin Carving

If being more hands-on is your thing and you just happen to have a pumpkin nearby, we challenge you to light up the darkness by creating a super cute or super creepy Furcadia themed jack o'lantern. Want some inspiration? Check out this Kitterjack by Glaciess!

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Cheeten Kindling!

Zoom! The sleek new Cheeten is ready to zip into Furcadia on Tuesday, October 16th! Primes Wevvin and Sek know well the value of the creative minds within the community, and now request your aid in weaving the Cheeten into Furcadian lore. So come join us in the Storyteller's Circle in Wolf Howl at 4:30pm as the Legend of the Cheeten unfolds.

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